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  • Oh yeah: And We Are Klang.

    Not quite as sophisticated as 15 Stories High but very funny and definitely worth a look if you like Greg Davies.

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    Derek and Clive

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    The Brittas Empire

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    first series of Misfits

    Still liking Misfits…yes first & second were best with Nathan but I still thought third was good. Not sure about fourth now only 1 of the original cast remains but still watching. Funny though it can be, not sure it fits into comedy

    Wasn’t dissing the later series but I think it’s important to start from the beginning.

    Don’t think anyones mentioned Catterick have they? surreal Vic and Bob series, also had Matt Lucas and Morwena Banks plus a few other top funny peps in… def worth a watch.


    Some good suggestions so far, but I can’t believe no one has mentioned…..

    Mrs Brown’s Boys !!!

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    Some good suggestions so far, but I can’t believe no one has mentioned…..

    Mrs Brown’s Boys !!!

    I can.

    I also quite liked Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, although it got cancelled pretty quickly, so clearly not many others are of the same opinion.

    I liked Dirk Gently also, but it got little coverage, wasn’t aimed at shocking puerile teenagers into nervous laughter, and wasn’t on a prime channel at prime time.


    The Mighty Boosh

    Comedy? Load of dribbling cobblers more like. But not as bad as Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy show or whatever it was called …

    There’s not a lot after about 2001 that’s much good when compared against what came before. A lot of the ‘modern’ stuff seems very dumbed down and formulaic.

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    Ok I now have a list of 32 from this lot which I either haven’t seen or want to watch again now you have reminded me.

    I think there will be a big box of DVD’s heading over to Austria within a week!

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    Peep show.


    And until Ralph Little left, Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps.

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    Game on

    One of my all time favourite shows! Only the first series of course.


    Not a sitcom but extremely funny and British. Fonejacker and Facejacker.

    Thank you, goodnight, much love.


    3 pages and no Men Behaving Badly..did I imagine it was ever funny (I know it wasn’t by the end but I thought it started well – no? )

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    Nathan Barley
    Mighty Boosh
    How Not to live your life
    league of gents
    flight of the conchords


    Still Game
    Monkey Dust. One of the bleakest comedies. very apt in these times of austerity. ‘Peadofinder general’ sketches are very topical at the minute.


    I cant believe that Chelmsford 123 hasnt been mentioned! Jimmy Mulville and Rory McGrath were brilliant in it, McGrath particularly.

    Nightingales is fantastic too, well worth hunting that down.

    I bought the Peep show box set series 1-6 from HMV recently which was really good, i kept missing it when it was on so it was nice to watch it all in a week!

    Game On was also quite good but then maybe that was just because it had Samantha Janus in it and I was 14….

    My favourite ever tv comedy though was Bottom… 30 minutes of complete anarchy!


    Black Books?

    It passed me by originally but when I do catch a repeat somewhere it’s always made me laugh hard.

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