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  • I’ve been using SIS Go electrolyte for some time – but find that on longer rides that not only do I end up feeling nauseous but my mouth ‘firs’ up and I can’t cope with drinking it

    I also sweat for Britain so it’s a constant battle to remain hydrated and keep a proper level of electrolytes – so Ideally I’m after something that I can use in my camelback and drink continually

    What are the STW massive thing of Torq products?


    they give me cramps, green coloured nuun are the best out there, that or two bottles of blue powerade diluted does the trick

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    Go is better than PSP, I find, because it’s less likely to cause cramp. Both are pretty unpleasant after several hours on a hot sportive.

    I’ve just bought some maltodextrin and fructose powders from to mix my own (2:1), and some electorlyte tabs (although I always hear good things about nuun).

    maximuscle viper is good for energy,

    for preventing cramp i use elete which is excellent


    +1 Nuun for Electrolyte replacement.

    Shove some in Gatorade for Energy and better Cramp protection.


    RedThunder from Aldi a Red Bull copy (my namesake)

    Explosade from Aldi Getting expensive.

    Lidl did a version for a while and is quite good but dont seem to do it any more.

    I to sometime get stomach cramps as well.

    Going to make my own now, got the glucose today.

    DIY – Energy Drink, EnerT
    November 10, 2006 · 1 Comment

    We all work out, we all need re-hydration, we all buy Gatorade…and you know that it’s expensive over a period of time. Yaniverse has a nice, simple, cost effective and do-it-yourself alternative to Gatorade.

    Here is the gist of how.

    EnerT Ingredients (32 oz or about 1 liter):

    * 2 Tea Bags
    * 6 level teaspoon sugar (24 grams)
    * A pinch of salt (0.5 grams)
    * 2 oz lemon juice (about 55 grams)
    * 30 oz boiling water


    * 100 calories
    * 500 mg Sodium
    * 60mg of Potassium (from the lemon juice)
    * Caffeine varies, est 100mg-200mg caffeine (depending on the tea used and infusion duration)

    Estimated Cost:

    * Lemon juice: $0.10
    * 2 Tea Bags: $0.06
    * Sugar, Salt, water, etc: negligible

    Compare to 32 oz Gatorade:

    * 200 calories
    * 440mg Sodium
    * 120mg Potassium
    * No caffeine
    * Cost: $1.29


    Another +1 for nuun.


    I’m trying this for my next ride:


    For a 500ml Bottle (Recycled Plastic Coke/Water/Pepsi etc Bottle)

    Water – 500ml.

    Glucose – 3tsp.

    Lemon Juice – 1tbsp

    Salt – pinch


    a: 1 tbsp is equal to one medium sized lemon.

    b: Always add glucose to liquid.


    nuun again defo

    thanks all – thats really intresting reading – looks like I need do some experimenting

    Frosty Jacks mate…. just 99p a litre. mix with red bull for an awesome riding experience and a panging liver. mmmmmmm

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    I too dont like the sweet sticky mouth taste after a few hours you get with sis go/psp
    Slight hijack but i find i dont need to use an energy drink for rides under an hour.
    If i just use water after about 1hr40 of continuous high tempo ride though i’m feeling quite empty.
    Just wondering at what point people or science say that you should use an energy drink?

    dobo – I only use energy drinks on rides over 2 1/2 – 3hrs under that I just use plain water and recovery drinks at the end if its been a hard day

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    Torq. If its making you feel ill then mix it weaker. Or use the natural unflavoured stuff with squash.

    I am an expert, and I know what I am talking about, so listen to me. Not those other fules. I am RIGHT.

    PS Plain energy drink aka maltodextrin is cheap as chips.


    3hrs blimey, hope thats not the norm


    High5 Isotonic is great for a bit of energy and hydration. High5 energy stuff is nice too, but I prefer the isotonic and taking gels for energy.

    Nuun is good if you only need the hydration.


    molgrips is right (just like he said)… Torq stuff for me (and i find the recommend strength perfect – even for 24 hour solos). It has natural (quite sharp) flavour, no artificial crap or flavours (unlike SIS/High 5), has electrolytes for sweaty people and is a fructose: maltodextrin blend (supposed to be superior to straight maltodextrin).

    If you have too strong a mix that can lead to gut rot (and i don’t think artificial stuff helps on that score either).


    Has no-one suggested sucking a Fishermans Friend?


    Another vote for Torq, natural flavours, no aspartame, and the electolytes help fend off cramp.


    Nah couldnt fit em in the bottle cage crikey!

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    I never use any BUT as a brilliant recovery drink…..I cannot recommend HENRY WESTON’S VINTAGE CIDER enough.

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    Nuun and Zyme both work for me, esp like the lemon & lime flavour. Get my energy from food.

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