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  • recommend me – an amazing present for my dad
  • Hi all,

    Looking for some cool ideas for my dad’s birthday. He’s 70 this year, and on top of that he’s had a rough time of late and I know that something special from his kids would really mean a lot to him. He’s not one for big extravagant possessions so we’re thinking more along the lines of an “experience” type gift…

    He’s a retired engineer and is into aviation, trains, motorbikes, history, jazz, Monty python, tinkering, travelling…

    My sister’s idea is
    Sounds cool, you don’t get much for 400 notes, but it’s along the right lines

    Any ideas from the hive mind?


    Premier Icon Sandwich

    How about a Tiger Moth flight, quite a bit cheaper than the Spitfire and the customer gets to take the controls too!

    If he wants a driving experience then try one of the Lotus ones at Castle Combe, loads more laps than the usual Aston or Ferrari drive.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    My dads going on a fast taxi in a Lancaster in a couple of month, £200 ish I think?

    That tiger moth dam busters thing looks all kinds of ace though!


    My Dad took up gliding after he retired, thought it was wonderful. Your Dad might get more ‘hands on’ and interaction with a glider flight – since it’s quiet, you can talk to the instructor!

    Premier Icon tommytowtruck

    How about a steam train footplate driving day? My old man turns 70 later this year and was thinking of one of these – a lot of the preserved lines do them, starting from around £300.


    He can do an hour’s taster lesson at any small airfield for a hundred quid or so.


    How about hiring a classic car and go touring for a couple of days in somewhere like Scotland/Wales? Could take in places of interest for him eg. museums, steam railways and the like.


    We got my dad’s family tree done and fleshed it out with photographs of the house he was born in, photos of generations old family gravestones, etc. Sounds a bit morbid, put like that. 🙂 but brought a tear to his eye. Result.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    tomhoward – Member

    My dads going on a fast taxi in a Lancaster in a couple of month, £200 ish I think?

    We got a taxi in Lancaster once.
    Nissan Bluebird, I think.
    Smelt vaguely of Feu Orange, vomit and wet wipes.
    Quite nice, but we paid a lot less than £200.00.


    A proper trip to the Goodwood revival……… Gets a whole retro, petrol head and plane weekend that you can do together. My old man loved it…… Hire an old car or fly in for the full experience.

    Premier Icon chaos

    Similar to vorlich but we did a photo album for our fathers 80th. Family pics right from his own childhood up to the present along with in-line comments/thoughts/etc. If you get the old photos digitised (sp?), there are some good online printers to do a decent book – e.g.

    Takes quite a lot of time to put together but I think that’s the element most appreciated.

    Some awesome suggestions, thanks folks!


    Scrap book as above, with some blank pages holding a few tickets for things he’d like to do.

    Premier Icon aidanoggy

    We got my FIL a trial gliding lesson for his 76th birthday. He’s into planes and boats and things too.

    We made a good day of it, we drove him up to Sutton Bank Gliding club, took photos while he did the briefing and took the lesson, then took him on for a nice lunch after

    He actually said it was the best birthday present hes ever had, and the smile on his face after confirmed that!

    Not only that but he continued with the lessons all through last year and looks like hes starting again at Easter!

    Took my dad to a lap dancing club when he was 65. He loved it. 😀


    No one has said a Russian hooker? 😉 STW is changing

    Premier Icon Bullet

    Some great suggestions here – my two’penneth… Porsche Experience at Silverstone, on their test track next to Hangar Straight as oppoese to the actual circuit. You get 90 minutes driving with one to one tuition in a 911 of your choice, just brilliant fun!


    an ipad, to keep him up with things 8)

    Premier Icon Doh1Nut

    We got our Dad a supercar driving day which was fine albeit a little disorganized. (That the cars needed refilling with fuel at lunch time appeared a surprise to them), but my Dad was not really comfortable thrashing a car he had just stepped into. I wish we had gone for the classic car version where he could have simply appreciated being in an Aston DB5.

    Lap dancing – now you’re talking! 😀

    The stirling engines are seriously cool, bit OT but I’m pretty sure he’d love that, I want one myself actually…

    He’s got a bad back which I think would rule out some of the more extreme or bumpy activities although he’d definitely enjoy them


    Don’t forget the blow.

    Premier Icon bruk

    A lot of these experiences have an upper age limit so worth checking before you book.

    My dad did a single seater drive but actually preferred the sighting laps in a hot hatch because it was more accessible.

    I’ve had a flying lesson which was great but too expensive to carry on with.

    Book of photos would be great idea too.

    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    Hot Air Balloon Ride?
    I’d want to know his back condition before I took him up, but it might be an idea?
    If you do want a balloon ride contact me first and I can recommend someone in your area (and who to avoid).
    If you are in the South East though I’m your man!!!


    A couple of years ago I got my Dad a working model of a steam powered road roller from Mamod. He loved it!


    steam train journey – get one with a beer carriage for a few pints of real ale

    You mention he’s interested in motorbikes pete. This might sound a bit weird, but I’ve got a nice Harley I’d be willing to take him for a blast on, provided that you’re not at the other end of the country from me.

    Very kind offer Mitch, I’m in Bristol and my dad currently lives in London, soon to move somewhere else, unknown at this stage.

    He and I used to restore old British bikes in the garage when I was a kid, which he sold a long time ago. I did wonder if I could track one of them down and surprise him. Chances are pretty slim I think…

    Steam train and beer certainly sounds like a winner. he’s already had a balloon flight, which he loved although the landing was a bit traumatic! I can recommend one balloon company to avoid too!

    Thanks for all the other replies fellas

    Yeah, much as I expected pete, very much the other end of the country from me. Was gonna mention avoiding balloon flights as well!


    I’ve got a nice Harley

    Show the man a bit of respect 😉

    Cock off pig face! 😀
    I’ve got a buell m2 as well, but I doubt anyone of sound mind would want to risk that !

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