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  • Recommend me an Alp's XC'ish holiday.
  • dickie

    I’m looking for an MTB holiday in the Alps but I don’t want a holiday of shuttles up & tough body armed downhill down.
    BikeVillage looks great, but is there anything else similar?

    b r

    Wales or Scotland instead?


    Bike Verbier
    White Room

    Loads of them use the search function as loads of threads like this recently or similar


    Hi Dickie

    I’d definitely recommend taking a look at WildBike Morzine Trip

    They know the area well and I expect they would be able to strike the sort of balanced route you are looking for. I’ve ridden with them in the UK and had a fantastic experience

    The chap that runs it is active on here I think so I expect he can give you more info if you are interested

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    I did Verbier without armour, lots of xc

    Summitdown Italian Alps hols 😆
    Not been but would like to… 😆
    Slovenia? Somewhere else I have been and want to go back Not been to this area but have been to Slovenia 3 times and it is a lovely place to go


    Two options, more on request:
    1. Zillertal Austria. more than enough routes, buy a map when you get there and do some research before with
    2. Riva del Garda. Same with maps and web research.


    +1 for Bike Village, fantastic setting, quality people. Sounds right up your street

    +2 for BV. and i’m only slightly biased.

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    white room back country week though book fast!!!

    Lift/van up/out there and ride back or to a waiting van and do more. I think they were even thinking of an overnight one. Even their classic singretrack is more ride than DH. If there are a few of you then you will probably end up in a group together anyway.

    Went with Mont Blanc Mount Mountain Biking (MBMB) in Chamonix around 11 years ago and had a fantastic week. Mainly XC riding, only used the lifts once, the rest of the time we rode up the mountains (shock horrer). Fantastic flowing singletrack and descents.
    Can highly recommend them


    Would also recommend the Ride Slovenia guys. Their website looks pretty downhill orientated. But a group of us did a more xc/all mountain holiday with them last year and it was excellent.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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