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  • project

    just gt two black jacks 12.99 each from crc, 5 quid off for quoting MATES in the promo voucher box


    I’ve been riding on-one smorgasbord all winter and love them. Great in the mud and wet and very grippy.

    I do think they’re going to be overkill for the dryer months though and they’re rather wide.

    So, what would you recommend for XC riding in West Yorkshire?



    Anyone else?

    Premier Icon richmtb

    Kenda Small Block 8’s make a fast and grippy summer tyre, don’t last long though and are pretty bad in mud

    Racig Ralphs are a good summer all rounder that hang on well in mixed conditions – available in lots of sizes and tubeless – non tubeless options too

    Premier Icon alfabus

    I’ve gone for an ardent front and crossmark rear (both exo)… impressed me yesterday around a nice dry cwm carn 🙂


    Premier Icon sparkyspice

    Small Block 8’s are incredibly fast tyres – you really will notice a difference, but as mentioned above, they’re strictly for dry only.
    +1 for the Ardent/Crossmark combo…
    My favourite summer rubber has to be Larsen TT in 2.35 ( the 62a option). Light fast and grippy and the profile of the 2.35 just seems to make my EX Fuel corner really well. More volume than the above tyres too giving a more supple ride.
    Bontrager are doing some good copies/variations of the above tyres and are tubeless ready if you’re into that sort of thing…
    (Bear, if you’re still reading this post and you’re still awake, I knew you’d go ty nerdy in the end – it’s inevitable!)


    Winter: R Swampting F Swampting
    Spring R Ardent F Swampting
    Summer F/R Ardent 2.25
    Autumn R Ardent F Swampting

    Sorted! (‘mon)

    Premier Icon Pawsy_Bear

    +1 hora

    Summer F/R Ardent 2.25

    Winter F/R HRII 2.4/HR LUST 2.3

    Swampthing just a tad – er sluggish for me 😉


    Samehere maybe its time I took off the ground anchors 😀


    slant 6 upfront, block 8 rear, if prolonged precipitation then storm controls goes back on.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    My summer bike is rolling on Hutchinson Cobras, very quickly indeed.

    Ralph rear Ron front, all year. The Ron holds up really well in the inevitable summer rain, very rarely washes out and the ralph is very controllable but i dont mind my rear end getting squirmy.

    When the real mud returns the dirty bike has storm control rear and purgatory front.


    Rocket Ron’s front and back year round for me. Teaches you a bit for when it gets dry and fast!


    im still restraining myself from fitting two racing ralphs, or maybe leave an ADvantage on the front for a couple of weeks.

    but if you swap first, i can blame you for the “wet season” when it returns next week.

    Premier Icon clubby

    How do Ardents size up compared to high roller/minion 2.35? Want something bigger but is the 2.4 Ardent massive?
    Plenty of clearance on fox 36s but no so sure about the back.

    The 2.25 Ardent & Advantage are bigger than the 2.35 Minion/High Roller. 2.4 is bigger than the 2.5 HR/Minion

    Out earlier, dry conditions – Chunky Monkey Extreme 2.4 front, Aspen 2.25 rear.
    Like 2.25 Advantages as general all-rounders, front & rear. The Aspens are great when it is dry & have front & rear set-up.
    Hoping the new bigger Maxxis Ikon comes to the UK in a 26’er size & that it sizes up like the Maxxis 2.4’s.


    Winter: F UST rubber queen, R UST rubber queen
    Spring: F UST rubber queen, R UST rubber queen
    Summer: F UST rubber queen, R UST rubber queen
    Autumn: F UST rubber queen, R UST rubber queen


    Muddy Mary
    Hans Dampf

    If in Scotland. At some point on every “dry” ride, it’ll pish down or you’ll find the middle of any given wood to be perpetually sodden.

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