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  • Recommend me a top tube battery bag / solution
  • The supplied strap doesn’t seem secure enough to stop the battery pack from rattling, are there any pouches or battery bags out there that will fit a 6 cell battery pack?

    It’s too big a battery to go under the stem, and as long as I can securely get it on my top tube I’ll be happy but that’s proving a problem, I want it proper sturdy as In no movement at all so when riding at night I can not have to think about it and messing with it constantly

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Strap/tie it into a bottle cage?

    Sorry forgot say bottle cage not an option and kinked top tube too

    Premier Icon Jerome

    Listening attentively as need same. Old lumi bag is what we both need..

    Lumi bag?

    I had a smaller pouch type one for my 4 cell only just fit in but tbh even that moved around on rocky descents :/

    Just want it totally totally secure with no movement


    Would it work lengthwise under the bars, a’la mine?

    If the straps are short you could just stitch on longer bits of Velcro

    I think it’s to wide tbh mate it’s quite a chunky battery

    The battery bag worked ok on the glow worm when I didn’t have the extension cable tucked in it, but as soon as I did it caused it to just wobble about then the extension cable fell out too lol

    Having said that the r8 battery has a stretchy curled type wire but I can’t find a bag that will fit it

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Thanks to rocketdog, just had a bespoke bag made up by Judy…

    Judy upcycles bike stuff and is brilliant in putting together something that works and fits what you need…

    Premier Icon somafunk

    Get a small feed bag that attaches onto your top tube/stem, the type that triathletes use, something like the one below which i happen to use, i can fit 2 C&B Seen or 2 Solarstorm batteries inside it (both 4 cell), it will comfortably hold a 6 cell battery.


    A 12 inch strip of removable QR velcro costing about a quid would definitely do it.

    There are heavier, more complicated and more expensive solutions, however, good luck in your quest. 🙂


    Mmm, I see what you mean, it is a stocky chunky one, where as longer and slimmer would work.

    Have you looked at Low-pro camera pouches?

    Somafunk something like that would be great but a little smaller? That’s the sort of thing I’m after but smaller literally just big enough for the battery

    Carlos yep it’s quite chunky all round long and thin would be ideal for bars but this would stick out loads at the front and I still think it would move

    Good shout on the Lowe pro bags somebody must do something somewhere all it needs is a couple of Velcro straps

    Premier Icon somafunk

    They come in a variety of sizes, if you hunt about crc/wiggle (other bike shops are available) and tri shops i’m sure you’ll find something

    Premier Icon Hells

    I’m currently using my tri bento box on the top tube of my commuter!


    have mine in an old saddlebag
    works a treat

    well ive emailed trout and smudge, troutie hasnt got one big enough for the hope r8 battery still waiting to hear back from smudge

    wouldnt mind strapping it to the TT as long as it stayed put, will have a look at maybe trying to stick a couple of straps on, one on the top and one on the bottom if it will fit

    Premier Icon benp1

    There are plenty of top tube bags available, surely one of those might work

    There’s a Deuter shown above, but Topeak and Alpkit do ones, as well as quite a few other manucaturers

    I have the Topeak Tribag for my phone and basic essentials, I’ve been pleased with it so far

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Reusable cableties? Solve all manner of rattly problems.

    Premier Icon postierich

    I will be using one of these when it arrives dual purpose and good vfm

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