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  • Recommend me a “strong” rear hub
  • enfht
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    So I managed to slightly bend by rear Deare hub and need to replace it, are XT hubs any stronger, what about Hope Pro 2’s? I have a steel frame which aint bent at all, just the hub. I dont do dirt jumps, just the odd little bump, which must mean I’m a fat bast**d. Any suggestions (apart from loose weight)

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    of if your feeling a bit poor (and some people will tell you they are better anyway) a second hand HopeXC wheel will cost you around 60quid (in good working order)

    last hub you will ever buy imo.
    bomb proof
    i wouldnt use anything else now;
    have 3 bikes, Pro2 on Trance, Bulb on Jump bike and XC on SS

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    or you could replace the axel (which is what will have bent) for around 6 quid….

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    FireEye do a fantastic 10mm QR rear hub, it’s really strong and good quality. Chainreaction sells it.

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    Just replace the axle? 1/2 hour job at the very worst

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    Thanks, will check the axle, although my LBS thought the hub needed replacing. Given I can replace my WTB Speedisc AM rims AND get XT hubs thrown in for the same price as one Hope Pro 2 hub on it’s own I’m still leaning towards the XT’s, has anyone managed to bend an XT rear hub?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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