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  • Premier Icon kimbers

    Im loving my nexus 4, 170-210 quid from playstore at the mo

    just as fast as the wifes iphone5 but bigger screen and apple stuff is a bit too inflexible imho

    (nexus cheaper and better than s3 too)

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Another happy Windows phone user here. A little different to the other two, does some things with genius, other things slightly less so, but on balance it’s ahead, for me.

    Strava was the only app I missed, but ended up using my GPS for running since the Strava website is so damn good at uploading it’s not a chore.


    Love my windows phone – Nokia Lumia 520 thing. Our company expert says their screens are really tough whilst Apple’s are easy to break, given the number of broken Apple screens I’ve seen – and the cost to replace – I think I’m happy with what I have for that reason alone.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Dropped mine 3 feet onto a tiled floor the other week. Now it’s go a slightly smooshed corner to the replaceable case. [Booo hoo]

    A few weeks before I dropped it face down on to a similar surface, but because the case projects a half-a-mm past the screen – nothing, nada, nowt. Made a damn good “Bang” though, and battery came out. [Sob sob]

    Try that with an iPhone, or whatever. We give our engineers Nexus’, and a lot of my friends have iPhones. It seems to be you’ve got about a 30% chance of breaking most phones glass in a year. Not seem a broken Nokia though in bloody ages.

    S4 here, it’s a phone, does phone stuff well (actualy very well, coming from a dumb-phone I was amazed how clear calls are). Screen is ace compared to my missus S2, apps are nice to have, lots of guff pre-installed though, to the extent I’m tempted to go through the whole hack/re-itall.

    Can’t comment on speed as I’ve not got another phone to compare it against, but it’s not slow loading stuff.

    It has pretty much replaced my laptop for general internet stuff, so don’t underestimate how good the quality of the screen needs to be, the S2 drives me nuts.

    Only criticisms are: It seems to need re-setting every so often as it just loses signal completely (or sometimes jut the data portion of it). But my old phone used to do that too so maybe that’s T-mobiles fault? And the screen is a smidge too big, so it’s more hold in one hand and navigate with the other, whereas the ‘mini’ or iPhone sized phones you can use one handed. Samsung seem to have aproached it as the smallest practical tablet you can fit in a pocket, rather than keeping phone ergonomics.

    There’s an S4 outdoors/active version now, I loked at it but it was new so £10 a month more so I discounted it, £240 more over 24 months would probably buy me a new S4 if it get’s trashed once the S5 comes out.

    As for dropping/cases/glass, I bought a wallet styule leather case for about £20, holds the phone, couple of cards and some folded notes. It’s not tough int he armoured sense, but it’s soft enough to absorb impacts, fallen out my pocket before on the bike without drama. Only thing I wory about is sweat getting into the camera whilst it’s in my jersey pockets, I bought a waterproof case but it’s bulky and a faff to swap cases before every ride.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    ?Wrong thread?


    I’ve been happy with my Lumia 920. It’s in a different league to N97 which I also owned. The camera on the 1020 is something else, I would consider it as my upgrade but might keep the 920 for longer.
    Good points:
    Design – hardware and software
    OS Speed (Metro is really fast)
    Camera – though I think the Nokia N8 was better the 920 is still good and night time shots are impressive
    Not so good points:
    Bluetooth profiles – It’s got better but I still cant connect my bt hrm to the phone – connects to cars etc fine.
    Apps – there is still a lag between development for IoS and Android and WP but its getting there. You should be able to get what you need.

    But I’m just recommending what I have.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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