Recommend me a ski resort – 1st time with 4 year old

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  • Recommend me a ski resort – 1st time with 4 year old
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    I am a lifelong skier. Happy to ski pretty much anywhere. Mrs Solarider was a late starter and is a little more difficult to please. But this year for the first time we are taking Solarider Jnr. He will be 4, but 1 month off his 5th birthday when we go. This adds a whole new dimension of need.

    Any good recommendations?

    1) Must have good English speaking lessons
    2) Not too big and commercial
    3) Decent pistes for us while he is learning
    4) Preferably some other fun activities for him (sledging, tubes etc)
    5) Amazing scenery (I want him not love it and get the bug!)
    6) Europe

    Premier Icon eskay

    Levi – Finland

    Serre Chevalier, obvs!

    Truly excellent ski school here –

    Short(ish) transfer from Turin, important with small people in tow. Lots of other stuff to do. A low key place, nice villages along a valley, rather than a mega resort with cheesy nightclubs etc. Great piste, slack country and off piste fun for you. Also, top food both on and off piste.

    The Plein Sud hotel is a treat. Lovely place, lovelier people.

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    Risoul was good for all that when I took my lad there – although it was a while ago, so check out the current reputation. They have Ecole de Ski Internationale as well as ESF, which was better (I’ve never liked the way ESF teach).

    One of the best areas I’ve been to with the family is Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Austria, mainly because of the excellent range of blue pistes there.

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    The Lecht – a bit less competitive on the “scenery” front and depends where you’re from but thought it worth a shout as they are mega family oriented.

    Premier Icon solarider

    Thanks all. Obviously meant want him to love it, not not love it!!!

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    Took ours to Seefeld for this very reason. 20 minute taxi from Innsbruck airport, picture perfect Austrian village, train and cable right to the summit on foot, loads of other stuff to do.


    I have a great love for Serre Che but I would say that the accommodation is more important than the resort. 4 year old legs are not great for covering distance walking. Anywhere with easy access, flat if possible, to ski school meeting point or the beginners area will be ideal. Often went back to accommodation for lunch with ours especially if it is very cold. Les Arcs 1800 apartments work well in this regard but many other places will too. Also La Rosiere esf ski school take kids younger than some others.

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