Recommend me a saddle for my roadie please – SDG Bel-Air not doing the trick!

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  • Recommend me a saddle for my roadie please – SDG Bel-Air not doing the trick!
  • Premier Icon ton

    spoon…wanna buy a used 3 times one?


    Could be different position too – I’m a lot more upright on the MTB compared to road bike.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Use a road saddle rather than an MTB one, you are more leant over (on aforementioned veg) on a roadie..


    Difficult as a very personal choice, I always have Bel-Air for MTB, i can’t stand Charge Spoon for either bike, but I really like Fizik Aliante on my road bike.


    Selle smp composit… Ok, no padding but superb fit and no numb nuts even after a 150 miler


    all down to personal preference-even more so on road than MTB>
    I personally use a Fizik Aliante as my lower back isn’t very flexible, but they don’t suit everyone.
    Try the Specialized BG ones, but have the fitted service done, loads of people I know find them great, but they don’t suit me at all.


    Definitely the wrong saddle for the job. I’m a huge fan of the Bel Air – I’ve got them on all my MTBs. Don’t get on with WTBs but Spoons are OK.

    But non of the above will work on a roadbike. I use Prologo Nago Evos on the road bikes and they’re wonderful.

    Completely different shape to an MTB saddle – I like a “hammocky” saddle offroad but you roll your pelvis forward and sit in a completely different way on a road bike.


    Cheap Madison Prime did it for me.


    San Marco regal-e 🙂

    Premier Icon lunge

    Original Flite for me, I’ve yet to find a more comfortable roadie saddle.


    Selle Italia SLR on my road bikes


    +1 for the Madison Prime.

    Premier Icon AlexSimon

    I also found the bel-air didn’t suit me.
    I moved to Fizik (Gobi off road and Arione on road) and they suit me well, although the Boardman standard saddle that came on my cross bike is also very good (suspect it might be a fizik copy).

    Premier Icon Bregante

    I’m using a charge scoop at the minute and it’s very comfy


    Getting pins and needles and a loss of feeling in the wedding veg area when riding the roadie using a SDG Bel-air saddle. I’ve always used em on the MTB and it works fine for me, I think its due to the over whelming amount of sitting down when riding on the roadie that’s causing problems.

    I’ve noticed roadie saddles seem to be a lot more sleek than MTB saddles – or maybe thats just me…

    What do you use? What would you recommend?



    Depends on your sit bones – some people require a narrower saddle than others. Specialized have a rig that measures your sit bones and can show you what width to buy. Fizik base their saddles around your flexibility.

    Might be worth going to your local LBSs and see if they have test saddles – I did this recently with a Fizik Arione and was suprised how comfortable it was as it doesn’t look to be the most forgiving of saddles.

    San Marco, check their vintage range for more padding and comfort – Concor etc


    For what its worth, I run a Selle Italia SLR on my mountain and road bike.

    Premier Icon cr500dom

    Charge spoon on everything but the road bike, 143 Specialized Romin on the road bike (Carbon shell, carbon rails, not much padding but really comfy as it supports me properly)
    The Kinesis (WTB) that came on the Tripster is surprisingly comfy too, I`m holding off changing it for the Romin at the moment, just to see if I can live with it.

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