recommend me a relatively cheap helmet cam for commuting?

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  • recommend me a relatively cheap helmet cam for commuting?
  • ti_pin_man

    looking to buy a helmet cam to record my commuting, something that can record a couple of hours worth, then over right with next days footage and recommendations? small / light and cheap 😉


    If you want something worth the hassle of charging look at roadhawk ride ( but youll need an external power pack for a couple of hours use each way) or dog cam sport units. I use mine only on the road segments of my commute – i do a large chunk on an old railway line so its not required for that.

    7dayshop stuff is poor at best – in poor lighting you might as well just record out of your living room window as its respose time is terrible in low light it goes all blurry.

    Dont know about you but most of my commuting is done in low light .

    Premier Icon jam bo

    veho cams are on sportpursuit at the moment.


    I considdered commuting with my go-pro, then realised it’s the perfect example of “no point being dead and right”. In an average week there might be one really twuntish manouver on my commute, which can usualy be avoided and followed up with some verbal abuse.

    If I video’d each of them, what would I do with the footage? Send a weekly highlihts package to the Police?


    why? cos on my london commute I see twuntish moves every day and they are rarely fatal but could very easily be damaging, so i want to record my commute so that if I should ever, god forbid, need any evidence of occurances I can provide it.

    I want to record for an hour, then can record over that en route home if the journey was uneventful. or save it. hopefully I will never need it ever. however I’ve been riding long enough into london village to know it may be useful. and yes my commute is often in low light as I set off about 6.15 most mornings. so decent optics / good light resolution would be good.

    any ideas? roadhawk still relevant?


    I find i catch more incident involving other cyclists and cars. Both cyclists and cars in the wrong.

    If i can help with that then i will but m not lowering my self to posting the vids on youtbe…

    The roadhawk auto overwrites when the cards full.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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