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    Could do worse than popping into your local Staples. They have loads under £100, plus you can test them out. I actually got some decent advice re: chairs from there which surprised me!

    Although I actually ended up getting some dirt cheap in the end from a local business which was closing down. Plenty of that happening unfortunately.


    buy anything cheap and second hand then buy one of these
    it’s like getting a human scale chair but on a tramps budget

    Premier Icon Clobber

    I got one from Staples. High back with mesh. Hieght adjustable and tiltable with tilt lock out. Very comfortable…


    within six months if I leant back in the chair it sunk to the lowest setting as the air leaked out of the piston. Right pita now and I ma trying to workl out if it is serviceable.

    I bought a humanscale freedom task chair in a second hand office furniture suppliers. Several hundred pounds worth of office chair for a just over a hundred quid. Never been used, still had the delivery wrapping and labels on.

    I got mine from this place. stock varies a lot as do prices depending upon how much they’ve got in and how quickly they need to shift it on. I think you get a better deal by visiting and poking around as it’s a real jumble sale of a shop. When I got mine I tried a couple of shabby looking chairs and wasn’t so keen and then fella mentioned that he had a virtually new one knocking about upstairs if I wanted that for the same price.


    Without spending a fortune (ideally no more than £100). Anyone got anything good off ebay? There’s loads on there.


    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Watching this thread, need a new one soon.

    Bought one from Staples a few years ago, all seemed fine for a while then one by one the wheels started to break. Will have a look at what they have now but a bit wary of the quality.


    Thanks folks. ‘human scale on a tramps budget’ sounds good. 🙂

    Nothing too exciting in that discount place right now but I’ll keep an eye out.

    Any more recommendations? There’s a load of Eames replicas on ebay some of which look quite nice – don’t know about the quality.


    Find your local used office furniture emporiums and call in more frequently. I’m buying more of everything second hand now and you can get much more for your money if you just look about a bit more.

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    I’m currently parked on a swiss ball—cheap and back-friendly 🙂

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