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    I have pretty poor upper body strength, so fancy doing a few weights. I have dumbells but I get bored of them easily, so looking for something a bit more fun.

    Any recommendations for around the £250 mark?

    Something like this has caught my eye:

    York G500



    Man up and use free weights – they are gimmickless but by far the best.


    That’s an option too, I just haven’t brought anything for yonks! 🙂


    Best bet is someone who has given up on ebay, just search for weight equipment near where you live. Otherwise bench, dumbells and some extra plates are £80ish from argos. Thats all you need.


    as above, free weights are way more versatil than a multi gym. If you are bored – look around for a programme that will keep you interested. I am doing a Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri programme that keeps to 5 excercises per day, but to exaustion. Never gets boring, and can be done with dumbells, barbells, bench and chin up bar.


    is there any chance you could let me now what your programme consists of
    Any results yet


    Premier Icon Shandy

    Maximum you need is a couple of dumbells and a long bar, although you could probably get a couple of kettlebells (and a book about them) for under a hundred quid. A punchbag is good craic too.

    The key is to mix up what you are doing to avoid boredom, and to read up a bit on different types of training session and exercises involved.

    In comparison training on a multigym would actually be more boring. A variety of exercises with free weights, maintaining good posture, will give you far better gains in terms of shape and functional strength.

    If you get easily bored stick some music on and work it into a circuit split between upper and lower body.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Yep freeweights, get your diet right and maybe use a protein powder to top up your protein intake (you need to be taking in 1-1.5g of protein per kg of bodyweight.)

    Though you will be limited to upper body as you will struggle to do you legs properly with out a squat rack and lots of plates.
    But from your post that doesn’t appear to be the issue.
    Also, not convinced that heavy weights on legs is compatible with regular cycling anyway. If you train your legs properly your legs will be sore for a week afterwards.

    The split I use for upper body:
    Dunbell Bench Press
    Shoulder Press
    Dumbell Flyes
    Close Grip Bench
    French Press

    Dumbell Rows
    Reverse Grip Curls
    Preacher Curls

    Premier Icon wwaswas


    as in;

    “My shrugging’s really improved since I started doing weights”?


    Premier Icon BillOddie

    Shrugs do the muscles that run across the top of your shoulders.


    Just bang out as many push ups and pull ups as you can, rest of a minute, then repeat five times. Do this every other day for a month then come back and tell us about it.

    Give me the £200 you saved.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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