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  • Recommend me a Hathersage route
  • ossify

    I’m hiring a Sonder Transmitter for the day on Sunday in Hathersage.

    Anyone have a good route they can recommend nearby? A good mix of terrain, up to around 15 miles probably


    There’s a bit of a (legal) trail hole round Hathersage, sadly.

    Options are either ride up the A625 towards Sheffield, then peel off left just after Fox House onto Houndkirk, do a lap or 2 of Lady Cannings then head over to Stanage. (Or add a loop round Blacka in as well); or head the other way towards Hope – and do any of the usual suspects round there. Come back via Brough Lane then take the b/way that heads across the hillside at the LH hairpin as you drop down towards Shatton.

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    There’s a bit of a (legal) trail hole round Hathersage, sadly.

    True – unfortunately many of the old ‘pack-horse’ routes out of the valley were paved and became roads rather than byways/bridleways.

    Like so may routes in the Peak District, a fair amount of ‘road work’ is required to connect stuff together.

    In addition to JonEdwards’ suggestions, you could also headover towards the Ladybower/Howden/Derwent area. Either via Bamford (picking up the old ‘railway’ trail, or head up from Hathersage over to Yorkshire Bridge via Coggers Lane etc.

    Your first bit will be on-road – unavoidable really – but after that’s there plenty of fun to be had.

    My suggestion is to go up Jaggers Lane, then Cogger Lane. Either take the BW to the left – probably very muddy right now, or go further up, then come down Hurst Clough. Down to main road, right and left up to Thornhill and then Aston and up a steep road to Twitchill Farm. Now the fun starts – great ascent up Hope Brink, along the ridge to Hope Cross and down the Beast. Back along the shore and across the dam and down to Yorkshire Bridge. Another long slog of a road climb – New Road – takes you under Bamford Edge and on to Stanage. Up the causeway to the pole and a great view over the fair city of Sheffield, then back, find the BW through the plantation (stunning, but watch out for walkers, climbers and boulderers), left at the carpark and then down through North Lees and back to Hathersage.

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