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  • Recommend me a good full sus frame guys!….
  • Mikey_M

    Well to keep this thread short, im looking at building a half decent bike for the summer rides around the woods and local trails ect ect….

    Nothing too heavy! i don't do big drop offs. I like fast singletrack. You get the idea 😀 I'm only after the frame at this stage, this way i can build my own bike with the parts i desire 🙂

    Should i go carbon? Who knows, if you could give me your opinions that'll be great!

    Many thanks, Michael.

    Premier Icon vrapan

    Anthem X – broken record here – but it can handle so much stuff while managing to be a very light frame.


    thanks for that, i just had a look at the anthem x actually. they seem pretty rigid and quite light too like you said.

    I wish i could find a frame with the same geometry as my On One inbred frame, that was fantastic!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Ventana El-Ciclon. Mmmmmmm.

    Premier Icon mboy

    Budget? Travel?

    On the Giant theme, check out the Trance X too. Can buy a whole well specced bike for same amount of money as most competitors frame only options! Great bikes too…


    I would prefer to find a frame that i would like, then search for a second hand version. this way i could save alot on budget wise. And for the travel – nothing too long, 5 inches max!

    I like the look of the blur! im going down to rutland cycles this weekend to test a few bikes out. Theres just so much to choose from!

    Premier Icon ahwiles


    complete bike for way less than most frames.


    Ventana El Saltamontes or as takisawa2 suggests the El Ciclon.




    No one frame is massively better than the rest and there are few dogs.

    Most posters will simply state what they own.


    ellsworth epiphany- 5" frame, any fork from 120-150mm, even with a conservative build and big tyres it will still only be 26-27lbs. Oh and the smoke anodised finish looks amazing 😀

    Commie Super 4, Orange ST4 or Giant Trance.

    Three very fun, quick bikes.


    I would also add:
    Marin mount vision
    felt virtue 2007- version (it was the lighter more xc version)
    orange st4
    voodoo canzo- the non-halfrauds version with the DT swiss shock
    Kona hei hei
    gary fisher hi-fi

    have owned/had decent playitme on all of the above and they are all very good- the marin was brilliant but a bit chunky. The felt was truly fantastic, but a string and glue back end and big rocky bits of peak district made a bit nervous!

    SX Trail – might be overkill for rides around the woods/local trails, then again, so will most full-sus frames. Depends where you live I suppose.


    I like my Trance. Friend likes his Reign. Got my eye on a Transition Covert.

    YMMV 😛


    I'd suggest a 4" travel bike if it's you first full susser.

    Boardman are fine and cheap if you strapped, Giant Anthem is touted as the 'reasonably priced car racebike (see the killer deal on the X3 on Paul's Cycles or you could splash out an buy the carbon version), or a Santa Cruz Superlight, as there ace bikes*

    Can't see any argument to go for Carbon frame, as most seem to cost you an extra £1000 and only losses a few grams of weight (no other reason to avoid them though).

    * I don't own any of these bikes, but would happily own any of them.


    Boutique bike prices take the Pi"" at the moment. Go for a previous year model from a big name to get the best deals. eg:

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