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  • Recommend me a good basic effective core strengthening exercise
  • ackie

    Sit ups
    Press ups

    Plus all their variations, burpees, squat thrust, crunches, V – sits etc etc


    Plank, Turkish get up, bridge, burpees, YouTube is your best friend or check out the book combat conditioning πŸ™‚
    Work your way up to a 3minute plank!

    Turkish get up ^^

    Plank ^^

    Burpee ^^

    Bridge ^^

    Dragon flag – Google it!


    Plenty to go at there! Most bodyweight exercises use the core for stabilising, some more than others, doing squats would help, even skipping works πŸ™‚


    Looking for a few basic but very effective core exercises …something i can fit with just an hour to spare on a weekdays.

    Link is appreciated. Cheers.

    Premier Icon dreednya

    bridges, leg raises, plank, side plank and bird-dogs 3 sets of or 15 minutes 3times a week does me πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon vondally

    sorry to ask but how fit/unfit….beginner/novice/intermediate/expert/Chuck Norris are you?Any back injuries/health problems

    Lots of great exercises there but some like Turkish getup is hard for most people who have trained for a while, so it looking at your
    starting point
    what you want to strengthing your core for a back problem? to lose weight? Ride your bike better?

    Depending on that you will be a develop a plan/training list of exercises

    an hour is a good time so you will need warm up cool down time plus time to shower so 20 to 30 minutes will be a good work out.

    Core exercises can be incorporated into a nice circuit try mens health and the online above but remember your starting point and if starting out build up slowly to avoid injuries


    Current position stand of the UK strength and conditioning association is that any abdominal exercise that incorporates repeated lumbar flexion is to be avoided. The abdominal wall was only ever designed in humans to keep an erect posture. Repetitive flexion of the lumbers spine, for example, with traditional sit ups and crunches, may lead to injury. The only justification ever given for advocates of those exercises is to get a six pack and that is obtained through diet (eat fewer pies) and whole body exercise (MTB) that burns more calories than are consumed

    UKSCA recommends plank type exercise or the bracing techniques incorporated in Olympic lifting to strengthen the core but I personally suggest that riding a wobbling mountain bike that your are connected to with only your hands and feet and having to apply power whilst constantly correcting your balance (with your core) is all the core exercise you’ll ever need. If you have extra time that you want to use effectively, get an Olympic bar and squat rack and search for strength and conditioning instructional videos on you book made by folks with recognised qualifications from the UKSCA or NSCA, that’s what I did and when it really is too bad outside to ride (hardly ever) or you fancy some variety in life, it fits the bill

    Happy trails πŸ™‚


    I’ve just started reading this and won’t be getting into the exercises until I’ve read it. Seems comprehensive with more detail than a casual pointed might want but explains things well and it seems important to be able to get the exercises right.

    Nothing better than running or biking up a hill for conditioning. Find one nearby and listen to a podcast to relieve the monotony which is still way better than gym exercises. Combine with a good diet and you are home and hosed


    Have a look at – lots of good advice and videos specific to biking.


    I always have lower back pain (and pain last till the next morning) whenever im riding after 2+ hours… I always start strong when im cycling in good proper position But after 45min – 1hr my body position goes south..then chocolate leg suffers and hands go pins and needles cause of death grip.. So i assume this is due to very weak core strength.. Im middle age and never do any exercise about this. ..just want simple exercises thats easy to follow.

    Premier Icon vondally

    Wolfstein……’ve come to the right place STW πŸ˜‰

    that short description sounds like lots going on….have you had a chat with doc/physio/osteopath? Someone real not just us internet folk?

    If the pain lasts till the morning I would think you need to see someone, get a proper diagnosis.

    Till then………

    set up bike can alter a lot of things so that is usually a good start

    when your body goes south………is that more of fitness issue if so then try other sports as above running/swimming (possibly the best as it is good on the joints and will work your core)rowing machine or cycling specific spinning

    then exercises

    as above a good body weight circuit is a good start
    air squats/press ups/ box jumps/skipping/ stretches start without weights and then build up lots on mens health you can adapt

    As middle age…..generally 40 plus weight exercise are really important to keep bone density and good shape/posture
    all of the exercise depend on seeing a real person to have a look a see if there is a musculoskeletal problem, circulation issues, and general check up.


    Middle age is 40? .. It thought its 35 πŸ™„ … Always try to avoid GP they always give horrible names to a pain so i took solace here in STW πŸ˜€

    Will try to do something about my core strength and if all else fails..then maybe god forbid a shot back and a trip to GP πŸ˜•

    Thanks vondally and thanks all

    Premier Icon bedmaker

    that short description sounds like lots going on….have you had a chat with doc/physio/osteopath? Someone real not just us internet folk?

    I’ve had much better advice off here than any GP I’ve ever been to regarding back pain. A box of diclofenac and a month long wait to see a useless physio was all I got from mine.

    Osteopath was very good, but the only advice they will ever give is to come back again next month πŸ˜•

    It was on here and other websitesI found out about the wonders of pilates and the importance of core strength to keep a healthy back.


    try an indo boared for some core strength really good for balance too.

    no science in it just fun.


    My Chiropracter recommended brushing my teeth standing on one leg, changing legs every 30 secs, with my eyes shut. Strengthens ankles as well.
    Just watch you don’t fall in the bath!


    these are both rather extreme but are good adverts for prison work outs with little or no equipment handy.


    push ups,
    pull ups (start under a table doing Ozzy pull ups if full bar pull ups can not be done yet)
    sit ups. use swiss ball it is more efficient.

    I’ve had the last 5 months off after an accident and can now do a good routine of the above every day, plus spinning bike and long hill walks/ scramble here in t’lakes.

    Core is the key though, you are right.

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