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  • Recommend me a FS 29er frame for Rohloff.
  • Yeah, bit of a niche market.

    All I’ve found so far is a Lenz Spankster 29 x 3.0 with Rohloff dropouts.

    Intense do a 29er VPP Spider and I’ve heard Santa Cruz will be doing a 29er VPP too in August. Both tempting as I currently ride a VPP BLur.

    I’m not convinced fancy linkages really make any difference though and I like the idea of the constant chainstay length with the Lenz as it does away with the need for a tensioner

    I’ve got a chance of a test ride on a Lenz Milk Money,like this as the guy at my LBS rides one with a Rohloff and he’s offered to lend me his own personal bike for a day.
    I just thought I’d see what other options there are out there.

    At £1800 for a frame and £900 for a Rohloff hub, this all depends on getting on Cyclescheme at work of course.

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    ventana el rey ?
    should be able to get one with rohloff specific dropouts.

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    Sounds like an ideal commuter! 😉

    The Lenz is still favourite due to the constant chain length and rohloff dropout.

    Spud, stranger things have happened. I’m currently commuting on a Blur XC/Talas/Rohloff. About £3k at current retail prices.

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