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  • recommend me a frying pan.
  • don simon

    Yes a frying pan! This has to be the place to get the right level of advice.
    I’m looking for something that will stay non-stick for more than 5 mins.
    Stainless steel?
    I’ve found some Lagostina for half price, but not worth it if they don’t stay non-sticky…

    Over to you! 😀

    Premier Icon cnud

    I have absolutely no authority on the subject, but I have to say that my Circulon ones have had some right hammer and are still slippy.


    I have Circulon pans, they are fantastic. The old supermarket frying pan is completely knackered and everything sticks to it, just can’t bring myself to pay the £50 or whatever it costs for a Circulon frying pan and lid!

    The only wear showing on the Circulon pans is around the edges, I discovered the gf was banging the metal handled (plastic at the working end) utensils on the rim. That stopped pretty quick…

    Premier Icon iwluap

    Got one of these as a wedding present and it is a thing of sturdy beauty (if I am permitted to say such a thing about a frying pan…)

    Should last a lifetime – absolutely no, I repeat no, metal objects allowed anywhere near the inside of it!


    Have used a Bourgeat frying pan for years and just about to replace it as the non-stick has finally failed after around 8 years. Nice to handle, has been in and out of the oven and I love it. Not too pricey either


    Circlon def the best, all the TV cooks use them, you can pick cheap ones up at TK max, they last 4 ever

    don simon

    Thanks all.


    I wont go near non stick, Ive got a stainless steel one, and nothing sticks to it as long as its scrupulously clean. But nine times out of ten I use a cheap cast Iron pan.


    I like Tefal for cheap reliability but be careful using them on electric hobs as they can warp 🙁

    The swiss ones with the nanodiamond coating are used by James thingy on Saturday kitchen and they look pretty good. Bet they are not cheap though.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge

    The le creuset one I have is guff and only used as a roasting dish now. Spent a bit more on a Berndes, and it is amazing, you can actually fry an egg in it with no oil, I can’t fry an egg in the le creuset even with oil!.

    We got loads of Crueset stuff as wedding presents and it’s gash.

    We got around to replacing most stuff recently and it appears that quality most non stick stuff is made by – and I cant rememer exactly = Merlon / Anulon.

    Especially good value is the “last weeks celebrity” stuff. Ours came from Tacky Max and it is more non stick than a politician! Raymond Blanc. But all this celebrity stuff comes form the same plant apparently. As an example an omlette with no oil just cleans off with paper towel. Even mrs goes – wow:thats easy to clean.

    Its aluminium. Hard adonised.


    I’ve done all the dear pan malarkey… I now use an Ikea special, I’ve just replaced them.2 sizes and they seem to be really well made.good non stick surface that usually lasts year or two but bEst of all they’re less than a tenner each… Even the So can’t damage them…

    I’ve got loadsa pan experience…used to sell them and was an ex-chef

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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