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  • mrmo

    I like Shaeffer Targa’s no longer made but regularly NOS on ebay.


    Yup, Schaeffer are good…

    Cross Townsend. Understated, lovely. However, make sure they work for the way you write.

    Cross are very nice to use, as are old Parkers.

    I’ve just started a small collection of old fountain pens………….



    I use the £15 ones for work, lovely pens.

    Premier Icon JAG

    I’ve had a Parker Sonnet for 15 years and it’s been great. Mines the Matt Black with Gold clip and ferrels.

    I use the piston-fill converter and bottled ink. It can be a phaff but I don’t like throwing away the empty ink cartridges.

    Only issue; no one understands when you won’t let them use it 🙁


    What size and for around £100

    Many thanks 🙂


    Parker 51 and keep some cash or look here Fountain pen network

    Cross are very nice to use, as are old Parkers.

    I’ve just started a small collection of old fountain pens…………

    Welcome to a scarily addictive world! I have my Cross (Every day pen) and then a collection of lovelies. Including a 51, Pelikans and some lovely old lacquered Conway Stewarts.

    For real world use, though, make sure you try them out. If you want a status symbol, buy a Mont Blanc and wave it around in meetings. Everyone will think you’re a male chicken, but you might feel teh awsumz.


    I use both Tombow and Rotring fountain pens. And yes, it can get difficult when people think that they can try and write with them.


    Have a look at – they have an extensive selection, and they’ve always been quick when I’ve ordered from them.

    I use a Lamy Accent day-to-day, nice, and a good weight to it, and half of your budget.

    Edit: there are also some very nice notebooks on that page, which might be a nice gift/useful –


    Don’t spend £100 on a fountain pen. Save up longer and get something decent.

    Premier Icon colournoise

    +1 for checking out Cultpens.

    Recently got one of the new TWSBI pens and am loving it. Also a fan of Lamy, Pilot and Rotring fountain pens.


    There’s a name that takes me back… (Gazes wistfully off into the distance…)
    I still have a bunch of old Rotring technical pens, and still use my Rotring three-way technical pencil, the .3, .5 and .7 leads are very handy.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Lamy are my fave pens.
    I have a Lamy 2000 which can be picked up for a little over £100.
    However, for pure writing and use you can’t beat the Lamy Studio in stainless steel.
    £35 a pen and write brilliantly with a good weight.
    I used extra fine nibs in my lamy pens.
    The studios are good pens too, but I find them too light to use.

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    I have used two of these, one after the other. Lasted a couple of years each.

    Lovely, but light. Can’t argue with the price though 🙂

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