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  • Recommend me a fast rolling 29er tyre
  • gtkid

    that i can still use off-road. Quite fancy the kenda small block but am interested in what else is out there. Basically most of my local routes involve some tarmac, some lrts and some smoothish singletrack, nothing too gloopy, thankfully.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Im going to be controversial here, but I find the SB8s draggy on tarmac – theyre fine on hardpack gravel and dirt, just not on the metalled road IMO.

    I find Ignitors surprisingly quick on the road, but other than that I havent used enough tyres to recommend a great road roller.

    Premier Icon ton

    nevegals at 40psi seem hunky dory for me.


    what about racing ralphs or race kings?

    not recomendations as i’ve used neither.


    Geax Saguaro. Fastest 29er tyre I used, surprisingly grippy too.

    For more grip and not a lot less speed try the Maxxis Crossmarks.


    Cheers all. Had looked at the geax ones, might give those a punt.

    Premier Icon twinklydave

    saguaro’s or racing ralphs would be my recommendation

    even in 2.4″ guise the RRs are damn fast, with decent grip and comfort too


    love my RR’s (using both the 2.4 and 2.25’s)

    quite impressed with the crossmark 2.1 as well; its narrower than the RR but has a thicker sidewall

    not a fan of maxxis ignitor


    Racing Ralphs are surprisingly grippy and as fast-rolling as you would expect (I use 2.4″)

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    WTB Weirwolfs

    Racing Ralphs… awesome tyre.
    I have some in stock… 29er or not i love these tyres, so fast, so grippy, so light, very comfortable, they dont like big winter mud, but somehow I manage to use them all year round.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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