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  • tartanscarf

    Evening folks

    I’m heading across to Dublin with my old man for a conference at the end of this month. Can anyone recommend a decent hostel, close to the centre and near a decent pub/s, preferably with music etc. Is Temple Bar alright or a tourist hellhole?



    Last time i was there (Jan 2008) I actually stayed in the Temple Bar Hotel. It was pretty darned good and not a bad price, although I can see that you did say hostel. The trick in Dublin seems to be to find somewhere that doesn’t have a nightclub running till 4 am in the basement.
    Temple Bar not too bad at all (although it’s not cheap and with the Euro just getting worse)
    The reason for my trip was to see a band at the Tripod, and due to a delayed ferry, also had time for the Museum of Modern Art


    Isaac hotel. Really close to lots of bars, 10min walk to temple bar if you like that sort of thing.


    The rugby lads I go with have stayed in Issacs before.

    Paddys Place, 5 Beresford Place, Gardiner St, Dublin 1

    We’ve had good luck there before too.

    last year we tried once around the corner from Bachelor Inn right on the river in town. Great location, decent hostel too. Name escapes me.


    I’ve stayed ibn a hostel a couple of times. Its on river front and on the temple bar side. It was cheap, clean and friendly. Sorry can’t remember the name though. It was a couple of minutes walk from the town centre.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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