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  • Recommend me a DOWN / winter jacket
  • Aus

    As above, for winter (dog) walking (no extreme / mountaineering stuff).

    Light and warm. Waterproof / resistant would be a bonus.

    Any recos? What to look out for? Happy to pay a bit more if it'll last for ages.



    I have a Mountain Equipment Lightline Jacket – really glad I spent a bit extra and got it, nice and warm, water resistant and packs down into its own bag
    Paid £150

    Water + Down = rubbish.

    If you want a compressible/light jacket look at one with a Primaloft filling. I have had a Rab Photon for a few years now and its really good. Not waterproof, but can shrug off most showers and keeps warm even when wet. Rab Photon

    EDIT: alternativly look at something like Patagonia's Isotope


    does the shop at hope still do rab flog offs? i got a rab dowd from ther for £60 years ago and its been great g


    You want something by PHD designs…


    Do you need a compressible loft jacket for dog walking in the temperate UK? Isn't waterproof and quilted better? Something waxed cotton like a Barbour?

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Dog walking? What size are you? I have a small men's TNF Nupste jacket for sale.

    Could try Alpkit to not pay a fortune.


    Just got an Arcteryx Atom LT Hooded Jacket, very, very light and warm


    lots of good options, id say go try some on, budget and fit will dictate your winner to a certain extent


    I have a Rab Photon (got it half price in Field and Trek a week ago).

    It's really nice (wearing it now to avoid putting on heating), but perhaps too warm if you're on the move (I would be anyway).

    I don't know why you say it must be down – as Alex says, Primaloft is definitely worth considering.


    Alpkit stuff seems excellent quality and value. Down is rubbish if wet though. If you are on a budget alpkit are offering their synthetic belay jacket (zerohero?) with 25% off if you join their free developer scheme.

    I have a Mountain Equipment Lightline. Great bit of kit. Had it since late eighties. Seen loads of action. I'd recommend Mountain Equipment stuff…….

    Got to say though. It would need to be an extremely cold day to use it for dog walking.



    Rab Kinder smock here! had it 12 years


    Härkila Åsele Jacket 177613

    I've just got a Haglofs Barrier Hood.. Spot on, warm, light, and packs into it's own pocket.

    Exactly what Alexonabike said.
    I've got both a down jacket and one of these Primaloft coats

    they are awesome and water resistant!
    Down coats rock (although not in the rain!).


    Invest in a Canada Goose 😉


    Walk faster?


    I was thinking a similar question- but a CHEAP but warm down jacket. Not for me, to keep in the car for emergencies if the car ever breaks down this winter (GF preggers), for me to wear so I can keep annoying my gf whilst we wait for help/backup 😉

    Any recommendations?


    Berghaus Vars Jacket – very nice looking down jacket IMO.

    the alpkit 0hero jacket is good. register on their site then you get a nice discount. read the comments first though, their sizing is a bit stingy…

    i got one for my wife to use this winter as she is also pregnant, and her normal TNF coat ain't gonna fit! The alpkit also has a 2 way zip so it can fit over the bump. It just happened to be convenient that it would fit me as a keep warm coat whilst doing D2D solo this year 🙂

    I did get accused of looking like a smurf when i foolishly wore it at work though (it is blue)


    I just got out my winter coat this morning and was a bit dissapointed to find that it is now much too big for me. It is a rally nice Gloverall Duffel coat that MRs OJ bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago and now I am in a bot of a quandry.
    I have lost a couple of stone since last winter ( :-)) and had to buy a few new clothes along the way but now I can see an expensive purchase on the way for a new coat.
    The problem is that I just bought a new set of wheel for my mtb and I think she'll go mental if I ask to spend another £150 on a coat.
    I guess I'll have to flog some of the others out of the wardrobe on Ebay and paypal a new one without her noticing…


    Ta, alpkits out of stock though. I dont fancy spending too much. Its after all is going to live in the boot forever on the 'what if' chance..


    thanks all. Thought 'down' would be warm and light but starting to think maybe 'too warm' esp as I run quite hot … are they really that warm?

    And is Primaloft less warm than down. The Rab Photon looks a possibility?



    For dog walking I would go for a Pile / Pertex coat over down anyday. Bombproof, cosy, cheap and doesn't mind getting wet.

    Something like this?

    IMHO, Warmth to weight, Primaloft is not quite has good as high quality down (95/5 700+ fill power) but easily a match for lesser quality down such as 550 fill power. Its far more robust and less fussy about weather conditions.

    I doubt you would over-heat in a Photon – I've used mine extensively for walking/climbing/pubbing and find it very versatile. Its also my 'emergency' layer in my camelbak on long rides in the winter.

    Member – waterproof and down – fine for canadian winters with a t shirt underneath to minus 45 BUT way to much for just trudging around town.

    I'm a great fan of primaloft, I have a mountain hardware jacket that I have pretty much lived in for 4 years. It is the one jacket that goes everywhere with me. Most people I know have one now and all really rate them, My brother recently found a primaloft, windstopper which really does look an excellent jacket

    Also have one of the alpkit down jackets which is ok but not good in the rain.



    for dog walking i'd go for a barbour all the way as there warm and waterproof, i've tried berghouse but barbour wins hands down!

    Got a Drizabone for dog walking when it's really grim, but just took delivery of one of these for this winter:

    It's waterproof as well as having the insulation – first try on says it is going to be toasty warm so should come in handy for surveying and photography trips too. And possibly Verbier if I go and visit my wee sister this winter 😉


    Barbour Bushman:


    Keela Munro jacketis probably one of the best price & function in it's class. It's a tough shell and won't rip if you get a stray claw on it . I use these jackets at working whilst I work dogs for a living , the jacket hasn't let me down

    the only downside is the weight of the jacket


    rab / mtn equipment for real down jackets – would avoid NF stuff myself now


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