recommend me…. a decent i pod docking station/stand alone player

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  • recommend me…. a decent i pod docking station/stand alone player
  • odannyboy

    i want to have my ipod available to play in my kitchen. it need to be a decent quality unit ,that doesnt have tiny little tinny cr@p speakers and charges the i pod nice if it could also play cd's but not essential.
    extra points for good sale deals…cheers!


    Mate has B&w Zeppelin – which he rates. Think they do a small version now but probably still pricey. The JBL stuff always looks good. Other interesting thing I've seen is a plexi glass 'dock' which amplifies sound. Obviously only useful if you have iPhone with built in speaker. Can't remember make though could be Belkin?

    Look no further than Bose. Amazing sound quality but you'll pay for it. The portable version is well tidy and you can unplug and get up to 10 hours juice out of the internal lithium.
    I bought one just before Xmas with £100 of an iPod with it happy days


    i have one of these in the kitchen,

    Vita-audio R4, (they sell them in john lewis)
    80W !!!! british made, amazing quality, plays cd's etc, mp3, flash, usb, iphone-ipod,DAB,blah, has spare inputs etc, made from walnut, custom built speakers including 2.5'' long throw sub in base, best sound i've ever heard from something this compact!!! only thing is £500 price,,but worth it..

    in dining room i have one of these:

    plugged in to yamaha dab/cd micro with mordaunt -short speakers ,

    very nice but not as nice as the R4


    that r4 is very nice…but a litle to pricey! i was actually looking for something over the hundred quid mark but reduced to below,say 70? sorry but tahat my max 😥


    got my kids to gear4 things from HMV for £50, very impressed by them for the money.


    sony one on amazon fro 118 at present looks nice and gets good reviews

    Klipsch iGroove – I got mine for about £80 and it's really good.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    Second the Klipsch, i paid £75 at Amazon

    Premier Icon Intense-Pilot

    Got to be the Bose Soundock. Much reduced from the two I bought last year. Sound brilliant and ideal for kitchen/ BBQ.

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