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  • Recommend me a custom wheel builder in the NE.
  • kevj

    As title. I’m looking to get a new set of wheels, not sure of components but will probably go hope hubs and stans rims, but would prefer getting them built by an actual person who knows what they are doing


    Merlin [/url]
    never let me down yet


    What you want is a fairly standard build so will be available online. In that case have a look at Merlin and Justridingalong I’ve had wheel builds by them and they have all been very good.

    If you are in Newcastle then talk to M Steels. Dave did a wheelbuilding introduction for our club and he knows his stuff. A few guys have had them build wheels and have been happy with the results. I’ll certainly be calling in to talk about aby future builds and repairs.


    Just South of the NE but Moonglu in Ripon build great wheels.

    I have one of their Arch/Hope Pro2 wheelsets and it’s still straight and evenly tensioned after over 2 1/2 years use.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I’ve got a wheel built by Dave at Steels at least 15 years ago which is still going strong.

    Get a jig, a copy of Sheldon Brown’s guide of his website and DIY. I’ve done loads now.
    My most recent wheels:

    IMG_20130327_000850 by ir_bandito, on Flickr

    Velocity A23s on Novatech 711 rear and SP PD-8 front with black AC spokes and nipples. straight as a die and totally round 🙂


    A second for Merlin. Look at their Sale Wheels – Hope Pro 2 Evo and various rim options for just over £300 is top value. I’ve got 2 sets with XM719 rims.


    Cheers for the replies. I’ll look a Merlin and see what options are available.

    Ir, I would love to give building my own a go. I have built up a truing jig with a dial test indicator for fixing buckles. It is just that I wouldn’t have faith in my first build for me to relax and enjoy them.


    Another vote for steeles, dave is a top bloke and very good builder


    try jon at leyburn bike. builds realy nice wheels

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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