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  • Recommend me a cordless pressure washer
  • walowiz
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    What’s the cordless pressure washer du jour for STW. Not just for bikes, car as well.

    Seen there’s models from WORX, Bosch, draper, ryobi, a damn expensive makita, de Walt.

    Budget circa 150. Would like one that had a bit of umph to it.

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    One mate had a Mobi cordless and had a load of issues with it , another mate got a Chinese/ebay Mobi knockoff and its been faultless.

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    Worx Hydroshot is ok for bikes but it’s considerably down on power for cars vs my Nilfisk corded washer. If it’s mostly for rinsing a car then it’s fine – if you’re hoping to blast off stubborn crap then not so much.

    I think there is a more powerful brushless version of the Hydroshot that maybe better but I’ve never tried one.

    A mate has a cordless Bosch washer that’s all in together (reservoir as well as motor and battery) – I reckon that’s at best similar to the worx or maybe slightly less powerful.

    The mobi bike ones seem a bit puny from what I’ve seen.

    Not sure on any of the other brand offerings you mention as not tried them.

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    Seen the newer version of the WORX Hydroshot nitro

    Looks to be more powerful, but also quite expensive too.

    There’s tonnes of clones on fleabay.

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    A mate has a Worx, which is okay. Not a powerful blast but good enough for light mud.

    I didn’t know Makita did one…

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    Think is, what is suitable for bikes isn’t going to clean the patio.

    A high pressure one will fheck anything with seals and grease behind (like pivot bearings, headsets, BB, etc.). Alow pressure one won’t sort the car.

    I’ve a Karcher OC3 for the bike (and thr dog !) defo get the one with the bigger tank if you can.

    And a mains powered one for the car and driveway. That goes nowhere near the bikes except when it’s back in its box in the garage.

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    I wash my car with a Worx, of course it’s not as powerful as a corded version but it still does a good job and is less likely to damage anything. I get most of the crud off with the Worx and then a quick go with a wash mitt gets anything that’s left. I think it’s perfect for a bike.

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    The Worx is perfect for bikes as it’s not _too_ powerful, any thing else I’d get the mains one out. I got the Worx during last hosepipe ban as it’ll run from a bucket. This thread reminds me I mean to order a water butt to run it off when we get the inevitable summer ban.

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    Brushless Ryobi One+ 18v and its got variable nozzles and pressures. Very happy with it on low everything for bike and car washing. I’ve bought into the Ryobi one system so the battery thing goes across a few tools.

    I’ts thirsty though. Using the 3 litre pop bottle attachment doesn’t last too long. Fortunately a rainwater IBC tank covers the water supply.


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    shame Makita don’t do a ‘drill-sized’ version

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    I have a worx washer and it’s great for washing bikes after a ride before loading onto the car.
    I have a plastic 25l water container that I use with it and fill it from the water butt.
    If it broke tomorrow I would buy again.

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    I have had Worx for a few years. 3rd one has just broken. It had a 2yr warranty, which it is outside of – when inside they were good about fixing/replacing. Not tried to get it sorted since.

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    Worx do three different cordless washers

    The hydro shot, WG620E – less than £100 24bar

    WG630E – around £150 25bar with a higher flow rate

    & The WG633E – £200 and upto 56bar

    I’ve the middle one and I could just about wash a car with it, its cirtainly not a replacement for a corded cheap power washer though. If your washing your car regularly I’d go with the 633E

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    Yep I have the 630E too, the brushless one. I’ll happily use it to wash my car, it’s not quite as poweful as a mains pressure washer but a good bit more (and more water flow) than the basic hydroshot.

    It does mean though that it’ll drain a 25l water container fairly quickly. If I’m doing a proper wash on a really dirty bike I might get 3 washes out of 20-25l of water!

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    I gave a worx with adjustable nozzle that’s great for bikes and I use it on the car for swilling it off. But I’m not much bothered about having a pristine car

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    Thanks all, what I hadn’t realised is there are many many models with different pressures. A quick look the other day and they all looked the bloody same, hence the thread.

    I’ve gone with a ryobi (18V ONE+™ HP Cordless Brushless 41Bar Power Washer (Bare Tool)), as I’ve got a couple of 6amp batteries and this model is the 41 bar model – so possibly more use cases for it and really who doesn’t like a bit more power ? It does have a 22 bar setting, so I can use it on the bikes without destroying all the linkages.


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    IMO do not but the really cheap £100 Worx model, we have a few at work and I can piss 10x harder. My 12v Mobi puts it to absolute shame.

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    I’ve recently upgraded from a Worx WG629E (22 bar) to a WG633E (54 bar) and the increase in power is definitely noticeable! As is the increase in battery and water usage.. although the Eco mode should counter-balance that.

    IMO do not but the really cheap £100 Worx model, we have a few at work and I can piss 10x harder. My 12v Mobi puts it to absolute shame.

    Odd – I replaced a Mobi washer with the Worx and my experience was the opposite. Worth noting that they cut power if you use the short lance (probably as a safety feature) but you can get around it if required – the long lance can be a bit unwieldy if just washing a bike.

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    We have a Worx one from when they first came out.
    Had a bit of gental ribbing on here about it then. Funny how things change over the years from been a waste ot time to been the norm. A bit like the ebike banter 🤔back in 2017 😉
    Ours was bought for use in the camper and at race events. It’s been used with water from streams, ponds and lakes with the long hose and we have a camping bucket and on board water when needed.
    Can easily wash 4 bikes with one charge and never had a problem with pressure

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