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  • Premier Icon boltonjon

    I’ve decided that i’m gonna use some Xmas vouchers to buy a camera, specifically for when i am out riding and see an awesome view

    I’m after something which is fairly robust, but more importantly, is easy to use with thick gloves on

    I am looking to spend up to £150 – any suggestions??


    Premier Icon mboy

    Compact? SLR? Inbetween?

    For £150 you can get a pretty good camera these days, though probably not a full blown SLR… It depends what is most important to you in a camera though. If you want to be able to use it with thick gloves on, I’m thinking a tiny camera with a touch screen wouldn’t necessarily be of benefit to you.

    I’d have a look at something like the following for an idea of a powerful compact camera, that is currently a bargain price, and being a Canon you know you are getting the best quality product…

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    Thanks Mboy

    I was thinking about a compact camera – i’ve seen SLRs, but had no idea what it means

    Seem to remember Shimano SLR brakes weren’t that good back in the early 90s 😀


    lumix tz8. sounds perfect for you.


    even got HD filming. i have a tz10 which is very similar and i am very pleased.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    For riding, pocketability is important- I tried bigger cameras but I always end up with a compact. And never been disappointed with an Ixus- they’re not “ruggedised”, they’re just tough as old boots by design. My old 800is was an amazing bit of kit, the kicking it took was ridiculous.


    Panasonic Lumix FT3

    I have one of these for mountainbiking. I’ve dropped it many times. Its bombproof and it takes really nice pics too.
    I dropped it in some deep snow last year and it spent the night there before I found it the following day. Was fine of course.


    I’ve got the Lumix FT3 also, very sturdy camera for riding and takes great shots too. Above your budget but worth saving for.

    I also have Lumix TZ7 which is also good but a bit fragile for chucking in a pocket when riding.


    check out the canon ixus 220 hs as well.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Aye, my TZ7 is a nice bit of kit but it was a terrible buy for me, I never use it since it’s just too delicate for most of the use I’d put it to.

    Those ruggedised cameras are awesome til you scratch the exposed lens…

    Premier Icon Matt24k
    These are very tough cameras.
    “Waterproof to 5 m, shockproof to 1.5 m and freezeproof for worry-free use anytime anywhere
    Metal lens barrier for extra-tough lens protection”


    canon ixus is range got one pretty slim metal body and so far been bombproof

    if that ones too pricey they do a few moore i have an ixus an a lumix the lumix a bit more delicate.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Canon “G” series, if you can find one in the sales, don’t worry about getting the latest model either. G9 or G10 would make a great buy.

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