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  • mechmonkey

    “The Monkey Wrench Gang” by Edward Abbey.

    Read and thoroughly enjoyed his non fictional ‘Desert Solitaire’ at some point this year. Autobiographical tale of a season in the wilderness as a park ranger at the arches national monument park.


    thoroughly enjoyed his non fictional ‘Desert Solitaire’

    One of my favourite books ever.

    Down the river is also good.

    Mary Hinge

    I’m not a big reader, but currently reading “The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared”

    Amusing and quirky.


    If This Is A Man/The Truce
    Primo Levi


    Matterhorn by Karl Maralntes would be high on my list for this year – could not put it down.


    So far this year I have read:

    Why we get fat; by Gary Taubes – A good and well argued / reasoned read, imo.

    The Paleo solution; by Robb Wolf – Fairly good, but some emotive language which won’t appeal to all.

    The Rider; by Tim Krabbe – Excellent

    Half Man, Half Bike; By William Fotheringham – My Favourite book this year.

    The escape artist; by Matt Seaton – An ok read, but I’ve enjoyed other cycling books more.

    In the pursuit of Stardom; by Tony Hewson – A very good read, I enjoyed it muchly.

    Sky’s the limit; by Richard Moore – A good read which helps provide the backround to the cycling events of this year, with Gold in London and Wiggins winning the TdF. Not withstanding Dave’s comments on SPOTY.

    Racing through the Dark – the fall and rise of David Millar – A worthwhile read which I certainly enjoyed, especially the referance to a certain person on page 46…

    Put me back on my bike; by William Fotheringham – A good read, if thats your thing. Its the crazy days that was European grand tour cycling in the 60s with a focus on Simpson’s rise and ultimate fall.

    Skunk Works; by Ben Rich and Leo Janos – Enjoyable and for me, quite interesting to learn what was behind some of the planes, pictures of which, I had posters of on my bedroom wall as a kid during the 80s. That there were planes such as the Stealth, way back in the 70s, is amazing, imo.

    Recommend me a book Threads on here are very good, imo. My reading list above, has been greatly shaped by the recommendations from others here on this very forum. So, my thanks to those who recommended the books I hence went on to enjoy myself.



    Running a Hotel on the Roof of the World. Shocking, hilarious and definitely one of the most enjoyable books I have read. Brilliant.

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