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  • So original plan was a dirt jump type mtb but I think I’d be able to take advantage of all the great BMX parks Etc that Exeter has if I get a bmx instead, I’m more likely to learn a great variety of skills / tricks also….

    So those of you with knowledge of the small wheel what bike would recommend to cover a bit of everything (excluding flatland) for a beginner. Not fussed about pegs but want to make sure any bike I get can do the dirt jumps at the bottom of my road and an afternoon at flower pots.

    No idea what BMX costs so suggestions of what and where to find second hand appreciated also

    Thanks in advance


    Is that down at GLC by Polsloe Bridge? Most freestyle BMXs will be able to handle that. I have a Mongoose one that I is great for things like that. If buying new you can get some pretty decent entry level bikes for about £200. \especially as they’re often reduced in sales.

    Newton Abbot has 2 BMX shops worth looking in, and Saddles and Paddles might have some as well. Unsure if Bike Shed does anymore though

    Do they still do Raleigh Burners? A wanted one as a kid but was palmed off with a Striker! Still had a great time on it an folding over the rubber mud flaps onto the tyre knobblies made it sound like a motor bike.

    This one

    Country bikes park frame 21.5TT

    Lots of nice bits, and no dents, but is looking a bit ‘used’

    £140 as i never get to use it 🙁

    Thisisnota…. Whereabouts in the country are you?


    Go and see Tim at the Boarding House, bottom of Fore Street. They’ve been supporting the local scene for years and will point you in the right direction.


    Modern bmxs look shite, not like they used to….

    Premier Icon Bushwacked

    If you are quite tall get one with a longer top tube. There are loads out there – probably best to try a few out then get something at a mid price point with room to upgrade.


    I second the reccomendation for The Boarding House at the bottom of Fore St. Tim built flowerpots and pretty much all the other stuff round exe, he is dead nice and will point you at the right bike.


    Hi mate, I’d say be cautious about buying a complete, unless its a race bike, as they are normally built for smaller people..

    If you are interested, I have a deluxe frame which is designed for race tracks, trails etc more than skateparks, with top end kit for sale. Because it is a bit tatty from being in the garage, I’m only after 400 for it.


    Thanks all will drop into the boarding owe next time I’m in town.

    Iridebike what do you mean complete? I don’t really have the money to buy components frame etc and build one up so was hoping to pick up a complete beginners bike…. Surely they come in different sizes/lengths?


    I got an eastern traildigger from winstanleys bmx for about £150. Has been great so far. 21″ top tube, and lanky me at 6ft3 fits fine. Can recommend it if you’re not looking to spend much.

    Thisisnota…. Whereabouts in the country are you?


    2nd the comment about complete bikes coming up on the short side, they’re aimed at teenagers and younger.

    The downside is frames cost as much as MTB frames, the Park frame was 800euro when it was new!

    pop larkin

    Got a we the people reason for sale- check my profile for details
    going on eBay imminently

    Thisisnot, is that price include postage?

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