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  • z1ppy

    Something of the Kyptonite range (or something similar from another manufacturer), either mini U-lock or Evolution disc lock and a KryptoFlex cable to wrap round your wheels/frame/lamppost.

    Not something I’d really want to let out of my sight for more than a few minutes but better than most of the rubbish available.

    You’d be surprised how blatant some bike theifs can be, even in a supposedly safe/highly visible location, so really the better/bigger the lock can be, the safer your bike is. If you locking you bike up regularly in the same place, maybe buy a decent size U-lock and leave it there locked, ready for you to use.

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    I’ve had my Abus Granite for 18 years of faultless service. It cost £70 in 1993 and has kept my bikes safe. Its not light but you don’t get lightweight security – however you can get smaller (narrower and shorter) locks. My one does frame back and front wheel and immovable object and as a plus bolts up my motorcycle too.


    Another vote for the granit here


    +1 abus granite, I used to use a cable as well (through wheels) but decided the granite was a big enough deterrent and didn’t want to draw to much attention to my bike!


    Abus granite or similar. You need to spend a decent amount and it will be heavy. Look at almax locks as well – often recommended but I have no personal experience.

    For a d lock both ends of the shackle need to lock and the shackle really needs to be 16 mm at least. or get a cheap bike you don’t care about and use a cheap lock


    They never managed to break the Kryptonite that was locking my bike up – they simply cut through the town centre bike stand

    Middle of the market place, broad daylight

    Abus Granit is all you need to know.

    Interesting/scary anecdote on the topic – The Granit is the lock most likely to be stolen from shops. The reason? Well, it appears that even tea leaves appreciate really good security!


    I’m looking for the lightest, most secure bike lock I can find! It doesn’t have to be ridiculously secure, just enough to prevent a bike getting stolen when left in a visible town centre location for an hour or two. Needs to be light enough that I can do a fair few miles with it in my bag.

    Any recommendations?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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