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  • Recommend me a bike bag…….
  • Premier Icon nickegg
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    …Just booked our summer bike holiday in the Alps and fancy buying some decent bike bags.

    What can you recommend me?

    It needs to be able to be actually wheeled along (the ones we rented from our LBS last year weren't!) and take a 18" Orange 5 and a Yeti 575.

    Thanks in advance.


    Premier Icon uplink
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    Neil Pryde ones are very good

    TBH though – because the wheels on bike bags are close together they tend to be unstable & often difficult to control

    Premier Icon ryan_c
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    This won't really be of interest to you, but maybe to anyone else on the forum looking for a bike bag

    Merlin cycles have a special offer on at the mo £39.99 for a fully padded own branded bike bag (without wheels)

    Can't say fairer than that

    Premier Icon ltheisinger
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    I've just bought one of these and it seems to be excellent in terms of size & protection (with wheels too!) – haven't used it yet though as I have bought it for the same reason as you….summer trip!
    Chain Reaction Bike Bag

    Premier Icon chakaping
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    Stick a WTD advert in the classifieds, I got a very nice bag off here for £35 some time ago.

    Premier Icon mcmoonter
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    I bought a hard shell case on here last year. I've used a padded bag before, I think a rigid case is the way forward after twice seeing my bag appear on the baggage carousel at Edinburgh Airport.

    Premier Icon nickegg
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    Good idea Chakaping, that never occured to me!

    I'm pretty sure the Neil Pryde bags are now called Ultra(?) and they also look very similar to the CRC ones!

    Think i'll stick a wanted ad up and if that fails then we'll go for the CRC ones.

    Premier Icon Blackhound
    Full Member

    I have a once (return) used Peak to Creek bike bag with wheels. Cost me £100 willing to let go for £50. I am in Derby (and central London regularly) as a bit big to post.

    Email in profile if interested.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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