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  • Jujuuk68

    Following the theft of a much loved 2000 era Orange p7, I am looking for a replacement. Since I last bought a MTB, it’s all moved on a bit.

    The present P7 seems a bit “big forked”, and not the old pannier mountable touring bike of old. It did have rockshock judy’s fitted with a massive 60mm front sus, which was in all honesty about all I really needed. It’s also massively expensive.

    I want a bike that has a decent laid back riding position, for all day riding, and not too high at the front. The top tube should be fairly stretched out, but a smallish frame, so good for road mileages as well as fairly limited off road. Don’t want too slack a head angle, I liked the darty front end of my original Orange Clockwork that preceeded the P7.

    Should have space to add panniers at least to rear, + handy bottle cage mounts ect. I also do prefer steel frames.

    I am a bit lost tbh with modern bikes. Looking to spend the c2w £1k limit or thereabouts.

    I was thinking so far of the Pure 7, or a Genesis Latitude, but I’m sure theres lots more out there. Suggestions?

    I would like to try before I buy, so that really precludes mail order ie merlin, on one, I prefer to pay a dealer for their services and have the confidence I got the right bike, rather than the nagging doubt I could have got better all for saving a few quid on the net.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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