Recommend me a 29er 'loose' tyre

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  • Recommend me a 29er 'loose' tyre
  • After two hours trying to wrestle some Geax TNT tyres onto a mavic crossride rime i’ve given up.
    I’m used to fitting tight tyres but this is ridiculous – granted they’re tubeless tyres and i’m fitting with a tube…even so.
    So need to try something else – cheap and suitable for the chilterns and preferable large.
    Anyone any experience with cross-ride rims know of something an easy fit?

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    Plastic-coated steel tyre levers?

    Yep, got those already…bead in wheel, fairy liquid, toe straps etc etc..all usual tricks tried.
    Even I could get them on, its not something I’d want to repeat out on a ride so looser tyre best bet!


    You think Geax TNT tyres are a tight fit…?

    You’ll have fun with one of the new crop of WTB “TCS Light” tyres then! 😆


    conti trail king 2.2 cheap tough big.

    Never had any trouble getting Specialized Purgatory’s on my Mavic tubeless rims. Bargain at £30 too.


    You are not putting the 26″ tyres on 27.5 wheels, are you? 😉


    Anything by Schwalbe is pretty loose fitting for tubeless tyres.

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    Specialised have gone onto all my rims pretty well.

    I’ve never seen anything as tight as the geax TNT bead.

    thanks all – few to take a look at. Glad to hear it’s not just me finding those tnt’s tight.

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