Recommend me a 150mm dropper that is not…

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  • Recommend me a 150mm dropper that is not…
  • nickfrog

    …Rockshox obviously.

    …Oneup as mine is still not working well after 11 months

    …Brand X as I don’t like the play

    I basically need the reliability of the Brand X with the craftmanship of the Oneup.

    Thanks. Nick.

    Premier Icon ta11pau1

    Fox Transfer?

    Premier Icon trusty

    Crankbrothers Highline. I picked up mine for under £120. Wish I’d got one for the other bike too*

    *OK, it’s 160. But what 10mm😉

    The BikeYoke Revive is very good. Not cheap but I can’t fault my two 185mm drop posts. I presume they do shorter ones – they’re short and low stack height so you can fit more drop than with others.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Yeah bike yoke are top notch.
    I’ve got a very lightly used SDG Tellis in 150mm and 31.6mm that I’m about to swap for a longer drop post – if that might be of interest?
    Seems really good and has positive reviews.


    I have a 9point8 Fallline for sale if that’s of interest. I’m getting a longer one for my new frame.

    Premier Icon woodster

    My Transfer is holding up well despite a significant scrape on one side that’s been there over a year now. Always had a bit of play though, but I’ve not used a Brand X or One Up to compare

    Premier Icon justinbieber

    Another vote for the crankbros highline – been running one for over two years now and it’s not skipped a beat

    Premier Icon granlaw

    Crank Brothers Highline – I’ve been running a 150mm one for about 2 years on a HT in all weather’s and it’s been great. Maybe doesn’t return quite as fast as something like a Fox Transfer but that’s never been an issue for me as it is quick enough and it has been truly fit and forget

    Isn’t the one up supposed to be re buildable with a cheap and easy cartridge replacement ?


    The cheap giant one might suffice?


    Thanks everyone – it turns out that Oneup have sent me a replacement which is very kind of them and resolves my first world problem quite nicely. Thank you Oneup, I’ll carry on being loyal, just :).


    Will throw in the Thomson Elite Dropper anyway even though it’s thread closed. Engineering masterpiece – I’m on the third cable (10 minute job), never been serviced and smooth and responsive as the day I got it. I run a dirtflap on it in winter and lube the seals with fork lube after cleaning but all lazy maintenance.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Suppose it’s the same with all components though.

    All the ones you’ve had trouble with have been faultless with me. The only dropper I’ve ever had trouble with was the Revive. Ended up going back to TF for warranty repair, but they replaced it.

    The replacement never felt as smooth either. My One Up is great and I’ll probably change to the new actuator too soon 🙂

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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