Recommend me a 140mm(ish) travel FS frame.

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  • Recommend me a 140mm(ish) travel FS frame.
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    No suggestions of a new bike, just sell me your Pace for £50…


    A vote for Blur LTc. Some may consider the geometry ‘old-school’ but I went from a ‘New-school’ geometry ASR5, to the LTc, and haven’t cared one bit. I think people get too hung up on all that crap to be fair. The LTc with 150 revs has a 68 HA anyway so its not like its vertical or anything! I can confirm that it rides superbly, a massively capable bike, that can really take big hits and drops, but still pedals well enough to fly on the flat and uphill. In fact I find it a far better climber than my ASR5, with far less pedal bob. I just can’t ride it enough!


    Liteville 301.

    Ticks many, many boxes. Rides very nice and very capable, and extremely future proof.

    Can be set up with either 32, 34, or 35-6 stanchion forks, can have 140 or 160 mm travel with the same shock (different rocker plates), even accepts 650 wheels in sizes M and above.

    And – have I mentioned it rides very nice and is very capable? And I’ve ridden Turner DW Spot, Pivot Mach 5/5.7, Mojo HD and loads of other top bikes.

    a vote for banshee spitfire from me ,it is 140mm travel, has adjustable flipchips to switch the head angle 66,66.5,67 and bb heights 13,13.5,14 and will take a 140-160mm fork. its really fast downhill, corners like its on rails and loves air time:) absolutely love mine:)

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    In the STW tradition of recommending your own bike. I’m really enjoying my Turner 5 spot.

    DW link is a great suspension system

    Premier Icon johnhe

    I’d just as soon have your bike as most of the ones that other people have recommended to you. Your Pace looks wonderful.


    lol at the STW recommend-your-own-bike classic thread 🙂

    I’m going to join the fun with another STW classic and recommend a bike i’ve never ridden…

    Stumpy Evo. Maybe not soul-stirring, but absolutely ungodly brilliant.

    Stumpy Evo is on my want list at the moment.


    As no one’s suggested it, what about a Cotic Rocket?
    It’s meant to be a lot of fun and ticks the slack geo box.

    It’s currently top of my list, still out of stock at the moment though.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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