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  • Try this lot, personally i would go with the BMC whatever the price, its top notch insurance:

    Sports Insurance


    Sorry, BMC. Next….?


    As above really. Can anyone recommend an insurer for a 3-day trek in Morocco? Cheap insurance often doesn't cover altitude above 2000m or 3000m, but I'm trying to avoid shelling out for top-end insurance like BMC, since we're only trekking, not climbing etc. Any tips? Ta.

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    Hi mate, I used a very cheap company called, as long as you declare to them before hand that you are going to altitude they are fine. I had a nasty accident MTBing in Bolivia a couple of years ago where we went up to 4500m and they had no qualms in picking up the medical bill and put me in business class on way back.

    Just make sure that they cover the full cost of bike and your gear.

    If you have any questions about Morocco drop us a line, I was lucky enough to work there for a year.

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    Check to see if you have got any travel insurance with your bank account/credit card or buildings/contents insurance. You might be covered for trekking at altitude on that policy and if you aren't, then you can top it up with a phone call to the insurance provider.


    Unless you're planning on being on top of Toubkal in the High Atlas, I don't think you'll require specialist insurance, even then, I 've never met anyone on my trekking in the High Atlas who had anything other than the usual bog standard cover.

    If you're starting from Imlil or Arund, it's a very steady, simlpe mule path up to the French Climbing Hostel. Take asprin and eat raw garlic to help with the altitude before you go and you'll have no problems. Never met anyone on the mountain who'd suffered from any altitude sickness up there.

    You don't need guides or mules, just a decent pair of boots. It mighht still be deep snow on the final 2hrs up to the hostel and once there you can make a call about the summit walk as if it's very deep in snow, I'd not bother! YOu'll be able to chat with the guides at the hostel about this and employ one of them if you feel you need to.

    Hope this helps. Email me if you need more info.

    Have fun!

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