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  • Recommend compact rear light?
  • Premier Icon EccentricEllis

    Anything from Cateye are spot on. I use This and it’s spot on.


    Can anyone recommend a good compact rear light, are the Knog lights bright / good batt life for the size ?

    I’m not commuting, just wanted something small for the odd bit of road done on our usual night rides.


    Premier Icon Cougar

    I picked up this Smart pair a while back as a starter light set.

    The front lamp is nothing to write home about, I carry it as an emergency light cos it weighs nothing. The rear, however, is tremendous. As bright as you’d ever want in a tail-lamp and has a really eye-catching flashing pattern if that’s your bag.

    Premier Icon EccentricEllis

    i can vouch for this one too Smart light


    I’m a slight fan of the Smart Lunar 1/2 Watt rear light.

    In light of its cost and its performance, its a good package, imo.


    blackburn mars 3

    Blackburn Flea is small, light and bright!

    Premier Icon simon_g

    Have got a knog gekko as my usual rear light. Small, bright, takes (rechargeable) AAAs rather than the coin-types and the silicone band works well, stays put and shouldn’t break like plastic brackets tend to.

    The frogs are OK but only as a backup – at this time of year I tend to leave them on my mtb in case I’ll be getting back later than planned.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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