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  • Recommend a Wii game for two (sort of) grown ups
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    Just set the Wii up and want to buy/rent games for some two player action. Neither of us are gamers and just want some fun games that may get us bouncing around a bit after work 🙂 Is the kids stuff like Lego Star Wars simple fun? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mario Karts.

    mariokart wii

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Wii Sports Resort is great, seriously good fun.

    And Resident Evil 4, that’ll keep you on your toes.


    Love the boxing game that came with my kids Wii, I think its on the Wii Sport disk?

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    Mario and Sonic Olympics is great for head to head silliness. its probably quite cheap now too.

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    Will check those out, just looked at the reviews for Mario and Sonic Olympics

    The adults read too much into the instructions and wound up initially confused. Our 8-year old did not read anything but went on instinct and smashed the world record for javelin throw!!

    Sounds annoyingly like me and my partner, she’s not eight but has the random thrashing mentality of a small child….and it damn well works 👿


    Mario Kart
    Wii Party
    Sports Resort
    New Super Mario Bros.
    WarioWare ‘SmoothMoves’ – Although not strictly 2-player my daughter and I have some real good fun playing it together by alternating who does the games.

    BTW – you should check out the price of these 2nd hand as they will most likely only be a couple of quid more than the rental cost.

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    Right, I only partially followed the good advice given above. Been down the shops and came back with….Mario Kart, Lego Star Wars and Just Dance 2. Off to put my sequined dance suit on now 🙂

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    Is the kids stuff like Lego Star Wars simple fun?

    Yes. I’m currently playing the latest Batman with my OH, and own most of the others.

    Cougar, aged 40 and a half.

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    Lego Star Wars/Batman are great – particularly good for two player.

    Mario kart +1
    Wii Sports Resort

    Super Mario Brothers wii is also good fun.

    The only game I like playing on my kids Wii with other adults is Wii sports. Had a friend staying last year and we ended up drinking wine and playing tennis and golf in the early hours after everyone had gone to bed. It all ended in a bit dramatically when my friend went for a fore arm smash and ended smashing the wine glass next to him all over our newly decorated wall. Looked like we had massacred somebody. The GF was none to impressed the next morning. I took the blame for it too. 😳


    Mario Kart.

    Mariokart is close to being Unrivaled

    Lego Star wars is great fun.

    The original wii sports is choc ful of quality.

    Rayman Raving Rabbids is worth a punt too.


    Some of the stuff on the wii fit/sport discs are still fun – like the one with the penguin that has to balance and slide across the mini-iceberg to catch the jumping fish – a favorite of the wifes…

    The original tennis is also still fun – just play it more like a table tennis stroke rather than a full tennis stroke as it is more timing based and with a full stroke but nothing to ‘hit’ against you are inviting an rsi type injury.

    The more advanced tennis games with the improved motion controller seem to be a little less ‘realistic’ and the controller actions required are a bit too violent to safely avoid injury and don’t bare much resemblance to an actual tennis stoke.

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