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  • ajc

    I am after a good quality 16 x 8 timber shed. Can anyone recommend a supplier as I don't want to order some piece of junk that will blow over in the wind. Probably looking to spend between £900 and £1400.


    Careful if you get a timber one cos there's some krazy kids going around on blue pigs setting fire to sheds.


    I guess it depends where you are – but we got a shed made up by the local sawmill / timber co, at about half the price of B&Q et al. Most seem happy to sell to trade and public, and as they charge by the wood used, custom sizes don't cost any more.


    Here you go fella, I'm sat in one at the moment! though at 5.5m by 4m its a big shed!

    These guys will build you any thing you want out of 28mm, 34mm or 44mm thick timber for a good price…haggle they dropped lower than the advertised prices easily

    decent quality and easy to erect too

    When I looked for a sturdy shed I ended up with one of these,

    45mm thick walls, double glazed, no way its blowing over.

    OK, so it's not cheap but the quality was excellent and everything slotted together easily. ( with two people ).
    You need to add in wood preservative / coating of your preference as when I bought this the wood was untreated.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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