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  • bikemonkey

    We’re looking at spending 3 nights in London in August as a small holiday. We’d like to stay in a boutique-type hotel (have been looking at The Sumner but their rooms are a little plain). We’d like to spend about £160 a night, for which we’d like to get something a bit better than what we can find so far. It needs to be fairly central, as we’re not taking the car and my girlfriend is too scared to travel by underground!

    Any recommendations?

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    There are an awful lot of crap hotels and crap rooms in nice hotels in London. I would avoid, because you usually end up with the crappest rooms in the hottest/noisiest/most dilapidated part of the hotel – even if the Hotel is touted as a decent one.

    I’ve virtually given up trying to find anywhere decent or value for money and tend to stay in the Travelodge at King Cross. Its not great, but I know what I’m getting. It’s not really what you say you want though 🙁

    Good luck.


    Holiday inn Berkley st Mayfair, opposite the Ritz, next to Green Park.
    Stayed there a couple of times and it’s great, and fairly cheap.
    Going again in 2 weeks!!!


    Stayed at these two fairly recently. The Mal was posh in a Dracula sort of way (black walls red carpets) really decent rooms but it was a bit expensive (company paid so didn’t care). Also a bit far out from the centre maybe, near the Barbican.

    The Holiday Inn was surprisingly good for central London. There is an underground carpark right next door, it’s outside of it yet an easy walk to the bustle and plenty of museums and stuff nearby too. Not to be confused with the Kings Cross/ Bloomsbury one.

    Malmaison –

    Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury

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    The Millenium Mayfair on Grosvenor square has always been good in my experience. The Copthorne Bailey is also good.

    Both good locations and the Mayfair has the feel of something a bit special.


    The Millenium Mayfair – take your Geiger counter.

    The Goring.

    Oh, I see the budget you have now…Oops.


    If the scared of tubes thing is claustrophobia, London buses are great, and dirt cheap.

    I’ve stayed in My Hotel Chelsea, which was nice, although might not be as fancy as you’re hoping for.

    The Zetter is supposed to be quite a posh one, and is easy to get buses into the centre of town is close to lots of good art stuff, restaurants etc. although I’ve never stayed there.



    This will be out of budget but this truly is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in….. ever, stunning service, rooms and attention to detail utterly flawless The Stafford Hotel


    Park City in Kensington clicky. And don’t be scared of travelling on the buses. You see a load more and it’s really easy to get around if you have any sense of direction and an Oyster card.


    I stay here for work :

    Always nice and clean, little bit minimalist though the bedrooms aren’t huge.

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