Recommend a good multi-tool please

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  • Recommend a good multi-tool please
  • strawb3110

    Off to the alps for a weeks singletrack, my multi-tool has just about had it, any recommendations or any good newish ones for sale?

    Leatherman Charge tti if you want the best. Fully expect mine to last me a lifetime. Hardly ever use it for anything bike related though.

    Or are you talking bike specific?


    Topeak Hexus II

    Topeak Hexus is my pick of the trail tools. Everything you need, in a nice, tidy package. I also usually carry a small Swiss Army knife as well. Topeak lacks two key things – A knife blade and a bottle opener. Both are vital, IMHO!


    My Crankbro 17 is the only CB item I can recommend, lasted me around 10 years now, & still going stong.
    The only small issue I have with it, is the length of the allen (hex) keys, though this can be levelled at many multi-tools

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    just to make a negative recommendation (a nega-mendation?), and sorry to z1ppy, but my **** arsing shit new CB multi tool failed completely on sunday morning.
    a) the allen keys are indeed too short, meaning that I could not remove mangled **** rear mech
    b) the chain tool completely seized (and was anyway a complete bugger to use) half way through the critical chain repair.

    It was 30C in the shade, I was pouring sweat and blood over this little piece of shit trying to get it to work, and the irony was that I had just removed form my pack my old seperate Pedros multi-tool and chaintool in place of the shiny CB item as it was getting all worn and wobbly.

    In summary:
    big_scot_nanny = long walk home
    CB multi-tool = tossed into the woods
    Pedros tools = placed lovingly back into backpack.


    EDIT: mine was a Pica, not a 17. 3rd, and 100%, CB product failure for me: candy, joplin, muti-tool.


    Well that’s the legendary CB build quality 😉
    I can only say mine is really 10 years old and as I am the mule of many of my riding partners, it’s seen a lot of use.
    Got used last wednesday to fix a broken chain, faultless as always. The short allen keys only were an issue for me when trying to get to front mech bolts on a FS’er, it works 99% of the time otherwise.


    I’ve got a Toppeak Hexus 2 for smaller rides, and my commute, and a toppeak alien (the big two part one, that comes in a pouch) for longer rides.

    both have been faultless


    I have a Topeak one and a CB one and I prefer the CB (think it’s the 19). Topeak one has too many fiddly bits that could go missing, and the CB one looks/feels nicer.

    Premier Icon FOG

    Lezyne ones are good quality, I have two, a small one for slipping in the pocket on the road bike and a bigger one with chain tool. Multi tool chain breakers are usually crap and this one looks a bit inadequate but I fixed a broken chain ina major rainstorm on the NYM without problems.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    ive got one of these

    and its ace, tough well thought out, useable chain tool also very well priced

    Premier Icon iainc

    Hexus 2 and a Leatherman Wave – cover most eventualities


    Just bought a Crank Bros. Pica+… Can’t comment on it as the suppliers have not dispatched it and will not answer emails! 👿


    Topeak Mini 18 has done me good for a few years. Considering getting a second one.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hexus for me- close to perfect really. Nice long tools, nothing on it that I never use, nothing obviously missing for a typical bike… Excellent chainbreaker. Maybe not quite as well made as it could be though, they rust over time.

    Lezyne seem to be the best at making tools, Topeak at designing them, a crossover would put everyone else out of business. Except Park, people would still buy their poor efforts because they’re blue.

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