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  • I am just about to sign up for Tesco online DVD club thing so recommend me some films?
    Here's a few of my favourites/ones I've watched recently and loved:
    The Departed (fave!)
    Taken (great film)
    Let the Right One in.
    The Butterfly Effect.

    I'm not into chick flicks! I like thrillers, action movies (not lots of complete mindless violence). Mr MC likes some sci-fi and horror (I can but not stuff like Saw!!!!).

    So recommend me some stuff to get sent!

    Seven Pounds

    dead man's shoes … great film

    watched 'last house on the left ' last night ,good film

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    star trek released on 16th!



    Man bites dog


    The Kingdom

    Premier Icon kimbers

    no country for old men

    All the Bourne films.

    Seen In Bruges…just remembered that's another one of my favourites! Not sure about Star Trek (but willing to try anything). Is that one getting released with the guy who played Sylar in Hereos?

    Oh and LOVE all of the Bourne films and No Country for Old Men.




    21 grams


    Harsh Times. Very underated I think – "just wanna get f******d uuuuupp". intense movie imho, though not everyone will agrre with me for sure.

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    new star trek is awesome! (and good even for non-trekkies)

    Premier Icon robbo1234biking

    Try 'Pride and Glory' not oscar winning but watched recently and enjoyed it

    Just thinking what about some light hearted films too? something funny?


    Moon: (excellent performance by Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones AKA Zowie Bowie, David Bowie's son)

    Let The Right One In: Beautifully filmed and wonderfully weird.

    Lost Highway: If you're not into David Lynch, this is the best place to start!

    Premier Icon fadda

    Nobody said The Negotiator, yet?

    I haven't seen any of those films – except the Bourne ones. Have I missed anything important?

    wolf creek is fookin ace..!!!!!!
    dead mans shoes is a good brit film


    District 9
    Children of Men
    District 13
    Assault on Precinct 13 (original)
    Blood: The Last Vampire (anime original)
    Watchmen (if you read the comic or book)
    Jackie Brown
    La Confidential
    Proof Of Life
    Run Lola Run
    Stand by Me (oldie but goodie, the "Revenge of Lardass Hogan" is one of the funniest things I've ever seen)

    Not feature films, but if ye never watched them on TV-
    The Wire (all five series!!)
    Generation Kill

    Avoid Nicholas Cage films. Especially- and I must stress this– ones where he has a moustache.
    The only exceptions to the above are Wild At Heart and the National Treasure films.

    And finally:
    The Big Lebowski 8)

    Premier Icon kimbers

    +1 lebowski


    Have I missed anything important?

    No, they're just films.

    But some of them are good entertainment. In bruges is great, the new Star Trek was quite good but better if you're a fan (and old enough) to know the original.

    Watchmen the film was boring I thought.

    Funny films?
    Dumb and Dumber
    Starsky and Hutch

    Can you get collections?

    Father Ted, IT Crowd, Black Books, Red Dwarf..


    For funny films I really like Anchorman and Talladega Nights, though I can see why some people might hate them.


    I watched The Other Man last night. Excellent and unexpected twist.

    Taken and Seven Pounds are the two other best films I've seen recently.

    Mr Woppit

    Vicky Christina Barcelona
    Gran Torino
    Dr Strangelove
    2001: A Space Odyssey
    Life of Brian
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Blazing Saddles


    Haven't seen it yet but the trailers look good for Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino (I think that's how you spell it).
    Think grumpy old man with Dirty Harry attitude!


    I watched Funny Games with Tim Roth the other night – not seen anything quite like it and recommend it.

    Premier Icon wormhole

    best film i have seen in ages is clint eastwoods gran tourismo?? way better than i was expecting.


    21 grams is astonishing, tough film to watch but worth it.

    Gran Torino was excellent about the only thing I've seen in a cinema! They are all too far away from where we live! Hence signing up to Tesco online rental! £3.88 a month for 2 DVD's (only allowed one at a time) otherwise I've been paying £2.50 or £3.50 each from Blockbuster and only get them for one night! Tesco you can keep them until you've watched them, but can't be posted next film until returned first! can't be bad (oh and you don't pay for postage)!
    Wow a massive list of films to get me started! I've loaded up about 12 onto my account from suggestions here so they will just send them out in order!
    Can't wait!


    Flash Gordon


    A History of Violence
    No Country For Old Men (as mentioned above)


    I saw Triangle last night. Thought is was going to be aweful after 10 minutes but turned out to be quite thought provoking in the end.


    Kodak for its true colours 😉

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    My 2 favourites…
    Serenity – most underrated sci fi film ever made.
    Terrific action & great performances & dialog.
    If you like it then there's the Firefly box set as well.

    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, (chinese with english subtitles is the best version) and if you like this type of thing, Hero as well. Beautiful films.

    American History X

    Bit shocking in places but very good film.

    Nobody has mentioned Man on Fire, that is an awesome film!! Denzel at his best, can also recommend Amercian Gangster and The Hurricane while I'm talking about him.

    Both the latest Batman films, really enjoyed them and actually like Ironman, bit mainstream but enjoyable and easy to watch.

    My 2p worth..

    Premier Icon swavis

    What? No mention of Crash yet. Superb film!!


    Best recent films:

    Gran Torino

    No country for old Men


    The Hangover

    Lesbian vampire killers


    The Worst Films:

    Seven Pounds, by a mile the worst tosh I ve seen for ages. Will Smith knocking one out over himself.

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