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  • Recommend a 3D pen
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    So my 11yo is asking for a 3D pen, anyone have any recommendations?
    Looking on Amazon there seems to be loads and a price range of £30 – £100+.
    Not looking to break the bank but want something that’ll work well and is easy to use.


    Premier Icon leffeboy
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    Wish I could recommend one but I suspect they are Christmas things only so you are already committed :).  We got what I think is now a 3Doodle Create, about 70 squids.  When it works it is great but it jams a lot and isn’t the easiest to fix.  After a while that just sucks the fun out of it and it gets stuck in the pile of things to be fixed, which you then fix and it works another couple of times.  That’s using their own plastic refills as well and following all the instructions

    When it works it’s great, it’s just that that might not be as long as you might like.  The majority of Amazon reviews seem to be vine free product reviews – wish you could just ignore those.  They skew the average ratings.

    Anyway, if you are comfy with it being a toy that is really quite fun but likely to have a limited life then the 3Doodler is ok.  If you are looking for a long term investment in your child’s creativity then you might want to keep looking

    Premier Icon thebunk
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    US centric but Wirecutter can be good for reviews and basically the one up from @leffeboy seems to be ok.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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