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  • Recomendations for new 5" travel bike please
  • Premier Icon Alex

    Pace 405. Great bike. Stiff, pretty light, much fun πŸ™‚

    Van Halen

    i recon an old trance is hte way forward (unless someone else builds a nice 4" strong bike for jumpy in the woods fun that doesnt weigh a tonne)

    think I will go with an orange or the Helius in the end for next bike guys
    thanks for the help πŸ˜›
    did a google search and not so sure about the reliability of the Chumbas?


    Orange Five, Orange ST4, Marin Mount Vision. I own a Five and spent a fair amount of time on the ST4 and MV (I've got the 2010 ST4 this W/E actually, can't wait to try it with the new backend)

    The Five is the most versatile and hardest hitting (and quite light for what it is). The ST4 is the outright fastest, total singletrack missile, the only bike that's ever frightened me actually (in a good way). The MV is less nimble and fast as the ST4, not as much of a mentalist as the Five. But it's lighter than a Five (only a pound though) and pretty much as stiff.


    The XCL in that image was a 2004 frame. The XCL frames (like the one in that image) have a very low failure rate, (i think only a handfull have ever broken) and if you dig hard enough you will find broken 5's

    Good shout on the Nicolai though, they are really nice frames.


    Si – that link is a 9yr old patriot " Mr Donne’s 9 year old Orange Patriot." and Orange them offered him a 30% discount after 9 years against a new frame.

    If that was me i'd be well chuffed.

    I'm so tempted by the cumba (vf2). I've got a zesty on demo next weekend and i hear the vf2 is very similar (geometry).

    Just a problem getting a demo i suppose as you're miles away from me (I'm in brizzle)

    Premier Icon chakaping

    This month's WMB just came through my door and has a grouptest of 5in bikes.

    The Trek Fuel EX wins, but probably isn't niche enough for people here?

    Yes I suppose you can find pictures of most models of broken bikes
    at least it was just the rear end
    just a little weary of the carbon strengths with point impacts like rocks etc..
    many thanks again guys πŸ˜›

    i'm considering a knolly endorphin or giant trance


    lobby it has been a while since you bought a new bike right enough, I've been worried about you πŸ˜€

    Premier Icon mboy

    cough* Maverick Durance *cough


    Premier Icon mboy

    i have a hankering for a mid travel bike for ukbikeskills work.
    cant make my mind up still


    Is there a mid travel full sus bike strong enough? πŸ˜‰

    motivation for the race season coogan 8)


    Jedi: Have a look at the Banshee Rune: I use mind for everything, including Whistler bike park last year and general UK xc duties.

    Rocketdog: Have a look at the Banshee Pyre also.

    Damn, now I sound like a Banshee fanboy….doh!!

    Premier Icon PeteG55

    Surely for Jedi the Orange Blood makes most sense? Designed to take a bit of a beating.
    Not sure what to suggest to the OP, most of the obvious ones are already up. I will +1 for the Santa Cruz Heckler though. I've got an '06 and its a very underated bike. Strong enough to put up some proper abuse and can be built light enough for all day riding.

    Premier Icon Intense-Pilot

    Intense 55 if you can get hold of one, or a Tracer. Climbs brilliantly, ploughs through mud like no other, and descends like a dream. Worth the investment and less mainstream than Orange 5s or Santra Cruz Blurs.


    hemlock. I've got one with the new stays and its mental, far more capable than the rider.

    best with 140mm or 150mm forks


    maverickboy- my ukbikeskills stuff is mostly singletrack stuff and some jumps and drops

    Big Chris

    The truth of the matter is that all the bikes recommended here are high end bits of kit which will all perform well. If you're spending that much money, you have to fall in love with it for the way it looks and/or the engineering excellence. Whether or not it's a long term relationship only time will tell. I used to love the look of my Meta, but got fed up with her bad habit of chucking me off! My Ventana's handling is very noticably better for me, but I'd need a year on it to give a definitive report.

    I posted a similar question to yours about 3 months ago & got similar responses. It gave me a focus for researching names I might not have read about in the mags (like Chumba, Ventana & Nicolai). I ended up buying a Ventana el Ciclon partly because a nearly new one came up on STW at the right price. I can highly recommend one. It's beautifully built, looks just how I want a bike to look (ie. straight tubes & classy without being flash), weighs 2.5 lb less than my old Meta & it rides like a dream.
    All I can say is that as a 16 stone rider, I've never ridden a stiffer, more responsive bike, but I've not ridden any of the others to compare to.

    Premier Icon Radioman

    I really like the look of the new Cove "G Spot" bike due out this year. Its 6 in travel. I may consider swapping my old faithful Spec SX Trail for one. I think it will come with either coil or air shock options.

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