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  • Zukemonster

    Me too… I hate wet feet…

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    last couple of seasons, I used the gore-tex walking boot style shimao boots. thing is, lots of water comes in over the top from puddles, wheel spray and long grass. they were warm though with a pair of seal skins. took ages to dry out though. not sure what my plans are for this winter, maybe something with a neoprene cuff.

    Yeah a freind of mine has those and complains of the same problem. I was thinking neoprene cuff around the top with a mid height ankle. Only thing is I dont have a spare £150!


    neoprene overshoes over lake winterboots(one size larger than normal) over sealsins over wool socks, warm and waterproof for several hours
    down side is you look like herman munster and its no cheap…………but why compromise


    MW80's is what i use. Dont think in a propr wet ride you'll ever get a fully waterproof shoe. Remember to buy a size bigger than normal though

    prob the cheapest


    For the last few years I've used the gaerne winter mtb boot. Very good IMHO. Light, warm and water proof as well as being very well made.

    Looks like autum is here! Again out biking and riding 20 miles with very soggy feet! Have tried all the usual seal skin socks over shoes etc. These things help but i think i really need some proper water proof foot wear. Im open to ideas shoes boots etc but really am on a limited budget. Anyone seen a bargain? size 44 10 ish….. Even second hand im not fussy!


    would gaiters help? i was thinking of trying some for this winter to stop water coming over the top of my boots so much.

    something like this…

    although not actually gone into the shop to look at any yet so no idea if they'd be suitable!

    I do like the look of the shimano MW80 was just looking to spen a little less!

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    Northwave Celsius boots have done 2 winters with me now, with no issues at all.

    Another vote for Northwave.i've only used mine through one winter. Comfortable,waterproof and warm…a bit too warm for our mild winters,but they really came into their own on those few sub -zero night rides that we had last winter.

    crispy bacon

    another vote for Shimano MW80 & yes get a size bigger. I got a pair for just under £100 but worth every penny when it's wet & cold but you have dry & warm feet 🙂

    I used to have a pair of shimano waterproof boots and last winter I replaced them with a pair of specialized defrosters which are much more pleasant to ride in. The defrosters aren't as well insulated as the shimano ones which means i can even wear them in summer without boiling my feet. The only time I wished for warmer boots it was -12.


    Specialized defrosters….uber comfy and not so hot as to be winter only


    Unless they've improved greatly over the last couple of years, I didn't find the NV Celsius very warm, great waterproof boot but not warm. Improved the warmth situation by going to the Shimano MT90, but as mentioned they're not great for keeping water out from coming over the cuff. Gunna buy the Shimano MW80's next, as a m8 has some & raves about how warm they are


    For those of you saying to buy a size larger, do you mean for regular Shimano shoe wearers? i.e. go larger than my existing shimano summer shoes? or jst for people coming from other brands?

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