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  • recomend me some road tyres please
  • chojin

    Had no issues with conti gatorskins. Nice and puncture resistant, and appear to roll/grip nicely.


    Gatorskins do not roll nicely or grip. I’m using Vittoria Diamante Pro Radiales, they’re are as good as their 320 tpi cotton brethren, but without being quite so expensive. Not much in the way of puncture resistance though, so maybe gp4000s?

    Whats a clincher?
    I know what a tub or tubular is .

    OK looked on Sheldon Brown and now know what a clincher is .

    I need some new tyres and dont know anything about road tyres.
    Currently running split and bulging Conti GP 3000 , so they have to go.
    Do they have to be wire bead due to the high pressures, as getting the contis on and off is impossible without levers.?
    Dont want too narrow or too lightweight , think comfort and puncture resistance . no i dont want to run ST High rollers UST thanks.


    I like Michelin Pro 4’s.

    I have done a lot of miles on mine; they grip in all conditions, roll well and seem pretty tough, plus there are deals all over the place for them.


    and try to get the limited or race pro4’s for the extra 4m per minute extra rolling power

    Premier Icon Andy

    Jeez not you as well now Rob 🙄



    GP4000s are a good compromise between fast rolling, grip and wear.

    Schwalbe ultremo v fast and v grippy but cut up easily on bad surfaces and are far from hard wearing.


    [Dont want too narrow or too lightweight , think comfort and puncture resistance .]

    Gotta be 25mm gatorskins hasn’t it?


    Michelin Pro 3s, fast, smooth and really good with Conti lightweight butyl inners.


    Michelin Krylion Carbon, light fast grippy good wearing.

    Best road tyre I’ve ever used


    Conti Grand Prix, I have the 24mm ones and they are great tyres. Cheap too.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Michelin Krylion Carbon, light fast grippy good wearing.


    Unfortunately in bought some schwalbe Ultremo ZX to replace them and have heard nothing but bad news about the schwalbes since. I’m putting off changing from the Michelin but is soon going to become inevitable….

    Premier Icon mboy

    Schwalbe Durano’s in 25mm width sound exactly what you’re after. Puncture protection, grippy, yet still fast and reasonably lightweight (in the folding bead version at least). Been running these tyres for 4 months now, not had a single moment on them, unlike plenty of others I’ve tried.


    Vittoria Open Paves are very comfy and fast rolling.

    Premier Icon muddy@rseguy

    Schwalbe Duranos: Grippy, fast rolling, durable and puncture resistant unless you run across large pieces of flint hidden in puddles…

    And for that piece of sage advice Rob, I would like some more of your damn fine Russian Winter imperial stout please 8)

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Michelin Krylion Carbons now superceded by the Pro 4 Endurance (I think) – anyway, that’s what I’m using now Krylions no longer available


    I have Duranos and am surprised how quickly the rear has started to wear at 300 miles. Also had my first puncture through the carcass, so not that great a puncture protection, but they are very cheap for what they are.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    I used to really rate the Krylion Carbon but they weren’t available for some time (I think Michelin moved production?) so moved to Vittoria Rubino Pro III and found them to be puncture resistant, light and pretty long lasting. I’ve recently put some Michelin Pro 4 Service Corse on the posh bike and they’re fast, comfy and seem ok for puncture resistance (shhh!) though I’m not sure they’ll last too long.

    I have to say, I’m impressed with the 28c Conti 4 Seasons I’m running on the Tripster. Fast, very lightweight for what they are and robust too – they get everything thrown at them and hold up very well. Remarkably light for their capability.


    I get about 2000 miles out of my Specalized All Condition Armadillos.

    They grip very well and i have NEVER had a puncture in 4 pairs of them. And that’s with 15st of me on them.

    I ride on some fairly crappy Scottish roads with no fear of being let down (pardon the pun).

    I did kill a front one clattering a pothole, it developed a “snake” in the carcass straight afterwards but that’s not really a critisism of the tyre.

    You can get bubbles under the tread when they are getting worn. This is due to water de-laminating the tread away from the anti-puncture belt. You only notice this on visual inspection, you can’t feel it when riding (maybe on Majorca you could but not around Glasgow !)

    My new road bike will be having them fitted from the word go. An excellent tough tyre.


    Spesh All Condition Armadillos ride like you’ve just wrapped your rims in lead. They are reliable though, ran them on my fixie for 4 years with no issues.

    Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp on my Summer bike. Reasonably light, fast, very grippy and pretty decent puncture protection. Slightly prefer these to the GP4000s I used previously.


    Conti gatorskins

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