Recomend me a washer /dryer

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  • Recomend me a washer /dryer
  • The washing machine is dying a death we need a new one. there is not enough room for two appliances so need a combined wsher / dryer. Any experts know which are the better brands for lasting more than 2 years! Got a budget of about £500.


    I bought a Siemens a couple of years ago, probably paid about £550 for it delivered and fitted and the old one taken away.

    Guarantee is only two years, as opposed to five on their washing machines – but seemed like a good compromise in relation to the £400 stuff and the Miele at a grand or thereabouts.

    We have a Zanussi ZJD1219 built-in and it is still going after 9 years – just a couple of £80 repairs (bushings and bearings).

    Would prefer separates but like you have no room and I would recommend.

    Apparently newer models have fewer serviceable parts so end up being binned sooner. But it is still available so must be worth considering.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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