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  • recomend me a super lightweight stove
  • for touring, only needs to boil water for a couple of cups of tea at a time so the jetboil is a bit over the top



    I have MSR Pocket Rocket, which is just great, but I’d be looking at the older Optimus Crux if I was buying now as it actually folds into the space beneath a standard gas canister.

    thanks druid, i’d spotted that one. looks good and fits inside their terra solo pan set with a 110g canister


    My mate (swello) has one and rates it highly.

    Mini Trangia.

    It also has the advantage that you can choose how much fuel to take with you.

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    pocket rocket here too. with titan kettle and mini canister – all fits inside kettle, including your tea bags!

    very happy with it


    This looks virtually identical to a Pocket Rocket to me and is much cheaper.

    Dont know about quality though.

    Gelert Intesity Mini Stove


    Is this touring in UK or further afield? You won’t be able to count on finding gas canisters for Pocket Rockets or similar in the land of Johnny Foreigner…

    I use a Pocket Rocket here in Blighty, with the Ti kettle and a foil windguard etc (fantastic) and a Whisperlite International when roaming further afield. There are now lighter alternatives to the Whisperlite that are worth considering but I think it’s still a real contender albeit filthy to use and lethal in equal measure…

    Pocket Rocket here as well.

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    Pocket Rocket or the Primus ETA Express

    are those resealable cannisters available in most of europe? i’m loath to carry an msr around in the uk

    it’s only for the odd cup of tea but you can’t take gas cannisters on air travel

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    I use a pocket rocket in the UK or for short trips where I only need a cannister or two.

    On the continent Camping gas use a different fitting (resealable). There is a fairly small cooking head available – this one

    Camping Gaz Twister

    which we had to buy on our pomp trip when it became apparent we couldnt get MSR cannisters.

    Dont forget to take some tin foil and rubber band for making a portable wind shield for improved boiling speed and efficiency/gas saving.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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