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  • Premier Icon ir_bandito

    planning ahead for the Christmas road trip around the country to see all the extended family. Now I’ve got 2 small boys and their respective stuff to cart about, I’m thinking a roof-bof for the C-/max could be useful.

    I thought I’d found a bargain Mont Blanc Vista on Amazon, but the fixed bars on my C-Max are about 700mm apart, so won’t be suitable.

    Any other recomendations? The other limit is the front bar is only about 300mm back from the top of the windscreen, so I don’t want too much overhang.

    I also need bars. I’m watching some official Ford ones on ebay, but i do like the Prorack Whispbars as they look cool, as well as supposidly quiter and give better mpg. Pricey though…


    Check out the roof box company.

    They have all the guides for what sort of box to get and also a run down on the bars.
    As well, they have some cheaper boxes for sale that have been returned for whatever reason.
    Very knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with.
    Got a Kamei box earlier this year which is very good.

    Premier Icon midlifecrashes

    Karrite Odyssey 470 has worked fine for us for at least a decade. Big box but can carry one bike alongside on the bars.


    As above, are great IME. I got a good mid-range Kamei box and some Whispbars, good price, delivered sharpish. Also found them helpful when changing the fittings after I got a new car.

    Don’t get Fords own aero bars, they are not very wide. I have them on the Focus and can get the roof box but only one bike rack. It is a halfords 360 ltr and can carry a huge amount of stuff. Get bars that extend past the feet and maybe manage to get 2 bike racks.


    I got a Kamei a few weeks back from the roofbox co, not used it yet but it seems pretty good to me, the sliding mounting brackets look to be pretty strong although i would say that the mont blanc locking system appears to be more robust.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    cheers for that sing1etrack.

    For what its worth, the Ford bars on ebay are through-bars, so do extend, and I don’t intend to carry a bike on the roof, I’ve got a tow-bar rack for that.

    With whispbars, it looks like this:

    Bars are quite close together, and moutned near the front, so I’m going to have limitations….

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    +1 for

    I bought some whisper bars plus a Kamai Corvara box 2 years ago. Both are quality.
    Not the cheapest but there is no wind noise, they are well made and very secure.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    5% discount at

    Thanks for that, perfect timing; I’m changing cars in a couple of weeks.

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth


    Last year I bought a box, bars and mountings. I called them and they were exceptionally helpful. I bought a Kamei box – central locking and can open either side (good for Europe) – and Cruz aero bars.

    Fuel economoy does take a hit, but it’s better with the box than the bars on their own (so they come off when not being used).

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    so, bought the Ford bars from fleabay. Just need a bargain Kamei box now.

    I have used most of the Thule bars but the latest Wing bars are really good.

    Thule Atlantis box is good too.It opens both sides and still works despite a close encounter with a height restriction on the Chunnel entrance……… 😳

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