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    I have had a go at this, and bumping into some challenges…

    I had a huge clear out of my old records when I moved house 4 years ago, so tying up addresses to accounts is proving challenging – and two of the banks are playing the ‘we need ONE address to check’, which means I’m on my third address to check with one of them, third case…grrr.

    I also have Halifax claiming not a single record of me ever being a customer – yet I have second page of a credit card statement from them, sadly without account information on….

    I’ve just remembered I took out a career development loan for 5K (with Barclay?) in 1998. It was for a masters degree course, and was paid off over a couple of years (so by 2002?).
    I doubt I have any paperwork but there might be some old bank statements in the loft.
    Is this too long ago to even think about making a claim?


    I got 27k back doing it myself. 😀

    Download standard form visit your bank/card /what ever company web site get the correct address to send it too. Answer the phone if they ring then wait for the money.

    If I could go back 5 years i would have set a PPI company up myself!!!! Very easy money.


    I’m gonna have a sniff round to see if I’m owed anything as well, seems dead easy! I’m also going to try and claim for my dad who passed away last December, apparently any money owed is part of the estate and can be claimed so if anyone is in the same situation it might be worth looking into it.


    So I finally got round to digging out some info and submitting 3 claims for old loans, credit cards and a store card. I.have no.idea if they had ppi which should in itself make it clear if I did have it, it was lissold. lots of don’t knows on.the form so.who knows

    I don’t get why the regulator is spending money on a stupid advert telling people to claim rather than.just forcing banks proactive in searching thier databases and employing to track people down. likely cheaper than arnies bill.

    Premier Icon grtdkad

    Money Savings Expert ‘Resolver’ partnership looks like the way to go …

Viewing 7 posts - 46 through 52 (of 52 total)

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