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  • mrjmt

    Found a bottle of cider in the kitchen last night, dont drink so was thinking of cooking with it.

    Any suggestions for a tasty cider involving treat?

    I was thinking of something in the slow cooker, possibly involving pork?

    You can cook a male chicken in it, I believe. Just ask the Mrs if she fancies some co(Stop that now. Mods)

    Mary Hinge

    My wife once asked for some pork in cider 😉

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    *applauds Mary Hinge*

    Pork? Slow cooked? There tha goes

    just use Pork Loin steaks instead of specifically cheeks. Nice served with Asparagus and spring onions

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    sear some pork belly slices
    Line bottom of casserole
    soften some onions
    spread over pork
    peel and slice some apples (mix of desert & cooking)
    lay over pork/onions
    Slice peeled potatoes
    Lay over apple

    Pour bottle of cider over the lot. Add a half pint of apple juice too.

    Cook in a slow to moderate oven (140-150deg) for 3 or 4 hours.


    sausage casserole


    Get a nice big gammon/ham.

    Roughly slice up some apples and put them on the bottom of the roasting dish. Stick the gammon/ham on top and poor over about 1/2 pint of cider. Top up during cooking and baste with the lovely hot cider. When cooked mush up the apples with the cider and make a rustic boozy apple sauce. Might want to cover with foil early on in the cooking.

    mmmmm, cider infused warm ham for dinner with lovely apple sauce, then for lunch and then ham, eggs ‘n chips the next night if you have any left.

    edit: also works with belly pork, shoulder etc etc. But remember the crackling.


    Oh and on non-pork front you can go for muscles.

    Instead of the usual white wine and cream etc either cook them simply in cider or you can do a normal creamy sauce replacing the wine with cider.

    Both are very good, the one without cream etc is a lot lighter and very refreshing.

    I once slow cooked some pork in cider while SimonLovesRocks off here was staying over.

    Stuck a shoulder joint in a lecruset pot in the oven with about a pint of cider and left it while we went for a ride. Came back several hours later to some carcinogenic bunt treacle mess, diluted it with more cider and ate it.

    Took weeks to clean the pan, and have never managed to replicate it (think it’s nerves, I don’t leave it long enough), but it was by far the best pork I’ve ever cooked.


    (quick-ish) chicken and cider casserole.

    Brown off 8 chicken thighs in large casserole dish with a tbsp of olive oil (3 minutes skin side, 2 minute on the other), set to one side.
    Fry a packet of lardon’s in the left over oil, set to one side
    Fry an onion & a leek (add more if you want) slowly in the same oil for 5 minutes
    Though in 4 tbsp of plain flour & mix throughly
    Add 500g of quartered baby potatoes & a diced eating apple
    Add the 250mL cider (drink the rest) and 0.5L of chicken stock, put the chicken and bacon bits back in, bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes til the potatoes are cooked through.
    Add in some crème fraîche and cook for a further minute

    Really nice, eating the ‘left overs’ from last night tonight!

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